Posted On: 10/31/19 3:08 PM

As the season quickly approaches, several players are prepared to leave their mark. Some are bucket getters, others are lockdown defenders. One thing is for sure all of them are scary matchups for potential opponents. In this article, PH takes a look at the 6 scariest players in Nevada High School Basketball.

1. Martell Williams 6'1 SG Silverado C/O 2020 - Williams has a powerful build and is an elite run and jump athlete. His physical prowess is enough to frighten even the most seasoned player, when you add in his ability to knock down threes and blow by defenders, he becomes extremely scary.


2. Julian Strawther 6'6 SF Liberty 2020 - Don't think Strawther is scary? You try to defend a 6'6 athletic wing with a picture-perfect jump shot. Strawther scores in so many different ways that he frightens both players and coaches alike. He can dunk on you in an instant, or embarrass defenders with his outside shooting range. The future Zags recruit is clearly one of the scariest players in the state.