Posted On: 10/2/19 1:17 PM

After watching and attending plenty of games (both high school summer league and AAU), practices, workouts, and open gyms this summer and early fall, we have finally made a long-overdue update to the Class of 2020 rankings. There’s plenty of movement and new names that have been added to the list and we will be releasing content over the next couple of weeks to go further in depth, but here are some overall thoughts about the new list.

Change at the Top

We’ll go into more detail about the Top Five ranked players in the Class of 2020 in another piece, but after much discussion among not only ourselves but with coaches at the AAU, high school, and college levels the determination was that Brian Goracke of Churchill deserved the #1 spot in the new rankings. It wasn’t an easy cut-and-dry decision though and it’s one we will continue to evaluate, not only as the season goes but how college recruitments shake out – the latter of which is something that figures heavily into the decision-making process.

Plenty of Depth

In discussion with a college assistant the other day, we made the observation that while the Class of 2020 may lack sure-fire Division I talent there are plenty of players when it comes to college-level prospects at all levels. Last year there may have been more Division I signees in the fall, but this year’s group of seniors at this time of the year has more college offers overall from the D-I/D-II/D-III/NAIA/JC levels than the Class of 2019. The fact that so many players are earning early college scholarship offers speaks to the depth of the class.

Lots of Time for Change

There can be nothing more polarizing or at least worthy of generating discussion than player rankings. But these rankings are far from final. This fall we will be checking out fall league games and open gym workouts to see where players are on their development curve. As usual we are closely monitoring the college recruiting process and new offers and commitments could create the need for adjustments. Injury recoveries or adjustments to new schools/programs will also make an impact.

Our goal has been and always will be to evaluate and cover players to help them garner college opportunities and player rankings are only one small piece of the entire picture. So for players, don’t like where you currently rank? Don’t take it as hate or disrespect, but rather use it as motivation to keep on working hard!