Posted On: 09/16/19 4:50 PM

What ten known seniors competed at the Top 250 Expo in a way that is deserving of increased college interest plus the respect of their peers?  Prep Hoops breaks it down now. 

Sean Buchanan of Mayer Lutheran.   From what I saw yesterday, Sean Buchanan is going to have a monster season for the Crusaders. The Expo was a setting where Sean had a chance to show both his ability to score and his ability to grind a defense with quick ball reversals as well as attacks to move the defense and set up teammates in space. I think he’s going to have a chance to playmake for a top ten Class A team and do it in a way that shows his true abilities to play both spots.

Cole Chapman

Cole Chapman of Mahtomedi. Yesterday Cole Chapman played the best basketball I’ve seen him play and the biggest word I would use – in addition to his 6-foot-10 size – is consistency. Cole’s involvement every possession demanding a post touch or setting a space clearing screen followed by a basket cut falls into that consistency talk. He rebounded in double figure numbers and I saw him do a few things I hadn’t in the past: grab double digit rebounds every game, catch and sink a three, and use that previous made three to move the defense opening the lane for a one dribble halfcourt dunk regardless of where the help defenders were. Very encouraging day for Cole.

Jack Fisher of Rochester Century.   Most consistent senior guard/wing scorer I saw and hard from the many workers at the event? Jack Fisher. Jack is coming off of a 21 point/7 rebound guiding Century out of the Big Nine cellar and into a spot four games over .500.   There was just no way for the defenders at this event to physically do much with Fisher who is really quick at 6-foot-2 and 185 pounds plus very strong out-muscling others for the ball and bouncing off people for contact. Explosive? With a couple steps Fisher look to have about a 33-34 inch vertical exploding to complete with soft finishes. What’s even wilder is that Jack is also one of the best wide receivers in the state.

Tait Nelson of St. Anthony. I had to simply appreciate the way Nelson played the entire day focusing on putting the ball in the hands of teammates so they could take a high percentage shot, or work the offense to get a high percentage shot. Nelson made the shots he had but his focus was defense and creation and he did that at a high level.

Tait Nelson

RaShaun Parker of Maple Grove. Parker continues to make shots at the arc in alarming numbers. His ability to not just score in space, but get hot and record four quick threes is at an elite level. Parker is also showing he can spend time handling the ball for a team as well. He could have a monster senior season and potential take his 6.6 a game average last year and double it at the least.

Noah Puetz of Marshall.   Noah was one of the most dominating players at the event overall hitting shots inside and out.   His face-up game provided success on nearly 80 percent of his touches and you have to believe the five NSIC schools in attendance talked about what Noah did today at their Monday meeting. Definitely an Expo Senior MVP candidate along with Sommer and Fisher.

Josh Rogers of Minneapolis Washburn.   Rogers went at everybody at the Expo, big and tall or short and small, Rogers had them on his list and he went by them or into them to score. Loved the way Josh collected boards and pushed in quick transition on the defensive end, offensively Josh was impossible to block out in the open space of this atmosphere.

James Sommer of Cristo Rey Jesuit. If anybody earned respect in the senior class yesterday it was James. His vocal leadership and constant energy from game one through game three was quite visual. Also obvious? The Sommer results. His beautiful touch was hit at a high percentage at the Burnsville event but more importantly he simply took control of his team. 

Jack Fisher

Austin Wetter of Monticello.   I love Austin’s approach as a 6-foot-5 perimeter that you can plug in at several spots. Wetter forces little, but he does force you to be in front of him with each and every attack. His size offers a nightmare for the opposition because you have to put some size on him but most size can’t move with Austin, especially around screens.

Amir Whitlock of DeLaSalle.   Amir looks to be one of the most improved players in the state.   The opportunity is there for him at DeLaSalle to have a big senior year and based on the confidence we saw on Sunday, he’s about to knock down his fair share of jumpers and push for a lot of transition opportunity for the Islanders. Very impressed with the way Amir has progressed this summer.