Posted On: 09/16/19 4:57 PM

Who are some seniors that we feel coaches, fans, and players need to know more about?  Here is our eight led by Shaheed Muhammad of North St. Paul.

Aaron Bosley of Shakopee. With all the of the talent at Shakopee I’m not sure how much Aaron will handle the ball for the team but what has been made clear this summer and yesterday is that Aaron can handle with steady decisions consistently. He’s also a deadly shooter which is of course the major role he played as a junior.

Jacob Doffing of Prescott. Doffing has grown to 6-foot-7 and his game looks even better than when we saw him compete with the Heat last spring. Doffing was knocking down jumpers and consistently winning board battles winning his team possession. Also showed some crafty footwork. Rarely misses foul shots and is good facing or with back to the bucket. Averaged 16 and 8 last season.

Max Lawrence of Spectrum. Spectrum had an excellent 18-19 season but with Kruse and Elrod graduated, it’s Max’s show as a senior. Is he ready? Without a doubt. Max had MIAC and UMAC schools looking in on him yesterday and his aggressive playmaking in a bigger frame quickly caught my attention and the attention of others. Max could have a monster senior year.

Shaheed Muhammad of North St. Paul. It’s not just that Shaeed outplayed some known quality guard names, it’s the way he did it with so much confidence! When he was hitting threes against a top player Shaheed strolled back the other way with a look that said “yep”. And when Muhammad attacked the corner beating some top players to the edge he did it in a convincing way. Muhammad scored 15 a game as a junior and has the ability to lead the Polars to a monster 2019-20 season. Get to know Shaheed because he’s the Expo event stock raiser of 2020.

Gunner Reed of Lewiston-Altura. Reed has the right size to play both wing spots for many colleges at 6-foot-4 but pretty good length as well. Last winter he moved between both guard spots scoring 17 points a contest while dishing out four assists a night. Reed showed all of that and more on Sunday.

Owen Rettke of Roseville. Owen spent time on both varsity and JV a year ago but based on what we watched on Sunday he will have the ability to help Roseville as a senior. Owen played on a team that didn’t move the ball as much as others but Owen did his best to take advantage of the touches he had making 60 plus percent of the shot he took on Sunday, and all of attempts in the game I observed. A soft touch but nothing forced.

Sawyer Shrake of Hopkins. When I saw Sawyer play earlier this summer his ability to shoot the ball and defend in the right position is what caught my eye. Sunday his offense was needed more and Sawyer gave his team scores in just about every way a player could. Open shots were made in the form of the traditional jumpers but Shrake scored in active off ball ways plus he pull the ball on the deck better than I have seen him in previous games.

Lovell Williams of Maple Grove. Williams was a key piece to the Crimson state tournament run a year ago but he will be a new name this winter when the discussion approaches of seniors that stepped up big. Love his activity in whatever role he is given.