Posted On: 09/18/19 4:36 PM

Team Preview

Tonight’s team that I’m previewing hails from Dallas Texas and though they’re a small private school they are one of the best basketball teams in the state. 

Team Skinny:

St. Marks is a team that plays in a private league called SPC but they also play public schools throughout the season. The Lions have four prospects that already have offers from division one universities and two nationally ranked prospects, four-star Sophomore Colin Smith and five star Junior Harrison Ingram. Senior three-star Andrew Laczkowski and the smooth shooting Sophomore Noah Shelby are the other two division one prospects, that combine together to make a four headed monster. It doesn’t stop there though, because the Lions has picked up a big time transfer from Coppell by the name of Corvin Oprea who is known for his deadly stroke from behind the arc. St. Marks will be a very fun team to watch this year because of all of the talent they have on their team this year.

Harrison Ingram | PG | 2021

Ingram is a do it all lead guard that makes others better with the ball in his hands because of his high-level ability as a passer and feel for the game. Ingram doesn’t make a lot of mistakes on the offensive end and it just seems like there’s nothing that a player on defense can do to rattle him.

Noah Shelby | PG | 2022

Shelby is one of the best shooters in the state regardless of class and he is capable of connecting for multiple threes when he’s in the zone. Shelby is also a smart player that can play on or off the ball and doesn’t force the issue on the offensive end.

Andrew Laczkowski | SF | 2020

Laczkowski is a skilled wing that can put it on the floor if needed and is a good shooter from the perimeter. He has had a really productive summer which resulted in him picking up several offers. Laczkowski has a chance to blow up even more if he plays well  and his final high school season

Colin Smith | SF | St. Marks

Colin Smith may have a babyface, but he is not to be taken lightly or underestimated when he is on the court. Smith is long and athletic who can shoot it off the catch and will rip through defenders off a triple threat with bad intentions in mind once he’s near the basket. Smith is currently a four-star but he has a chance to earn another one if he continues to polish up his game offensively.