Posted On: 09/9/19 6:05 AM

This past Saturday, the seventh annual DMV Elite 80 took place at on the campus of Dr. Henry A Wise. Jr. High School. This event has been a stage for the up and coming stars of the area who are now featured playing at the highest level.

This year's roster was once again filled with talented prospects. For this series, I'll be taking a look at the standouts from each position starting with the guards.

Isaiah Folkes | 6'2 | '21 Middleburg Academy

It didn't take long for Folkes to catch your attention during the game portion of the event. The 6-foot-2 point guard was extremely aggressive as a scorer and didn't hesitate to get to work. He effectively broke his man down off the dribble on a consistent basis and finished around the rim with explosion and athleticism. There wasn't a defender in attendance that was able to slow Folkes down. Whether it was in transition or in half court isolation scenarios, getting to the rim seemed easy for him.

Kaylen Oweh | 6'4 | '20 Mercersburg Academy

Oweh was another guard who imposed his will by attacking the basket off the dribble.