Posted On: 08/2/19 1:38 AM

The Nevada player rankings for the class of 2020 have been out for a few days now  with a stacked class full of high profile names it is certainly a well deserved honor when any player has the opportunity to make the list. A few schools have multiple names on this list. Let’s take a look at local Las Vegas high school Silverado and see who made the list for them. 


#9 Martel Williams 6’2 G (Silverado H.S) – Martel Williams maybe the most well rounded scorer in this class. He was a first-team All-Southwest League selection a season ago. The senior averaged 22.3 points and 9.1 rebounds. He is a heavy favorite to lead the state in scoring. He is built like a house of bricks and can have his way with any guard in the state. Williams is an ambidextrous player meaning he can score with either hand around the basket. He has range for days and a silky smooth release. When his ball goes through the net the net gets stuck. Williams is an excellent rebounder for his height at 6’2 averaging 9 rebounds one shy of a double-double. The most impressive aspect of his rebounding ability is that he can get in and out of transition with ease and is a force when the ball in his hands. He had a 30 point game this summer.

#12 Londan Coleman 6’4 G (Silverado H.S)-  Coleman is one of the taller guards in the state. Coleman’s strength as a player is his high motor. This young man is constantly around the basket. He brings fire to the game he has a great ability to attack the rim at will and use his height to his advantage. He has a tremendous first step and he went viral this summer for dunking on a poor soul during an AAU tournament. Coleman has a smooth mid-range game. Playing next to such a potent scorer such as Martel Williams he doesn’t mind deferring to him or any one of his other teammates. Coleman is also a solid rebounder. He isn’t a me first player. 

#24 Tre’von Martin 6’4 F (Silverado H.S)- Martin had a tremendous Summer on the AAU circuit by winning a few All Tournament honors and being invited to some invitationals. Martin has a long frame and a soft touch around the rim. He makes it look easy around the basket. His game isn’t just relegated as an inside presents. He can spread out from underneath the basket and hit mid to long range jump shots. He’s an excellent passer for his height and displays a lot of vision. He’s had a few games this summer where he had a ton of assists as a point forward. Silverado is a very dynamic team and Martin is a huge part of that. On his Twitter it shows a picture of him displaying that he will be taking his talents to Stetson University.

#25 Daryl Finley 6’0 G (Silverado H.S)- Finley maybe one of the most well rounded guards and underrated guards in all of Las Vegas. He’s the engine of the car. Every team needs a player like Finley. Finley is a swiss army knife. He can do anything you ask. If you need him to be a lock down defender he can do that. If you need him to get to the foul line he can do that. If you need a quiet 4 to 5 rebounds he can do that. He’s a stat sheet stuffer he will fill out every area of a stat sheet if you allow him too. A young guard with a high basketball IQ he plays the game the right way.

Honorable Mention:

Noah Sherrard 5″11 G (Silverado H.S)- Sherrard a young guard for Silverado in the class of 2021 also had a strong summer. He displayed plenty of court vision and strong basketball IQ. He may be the most underrated player on Silverado. He is also an important part of Silverado he will be their future. So his continuous development will be a great story to keep an eye on.