Posted On: 08/7/19 1:52 PM

Last high school season, the majority of basketball fans in Washington anticipated a Gonzaga Prep versus Federal Way rematch in the State Championship game. That game came a day early, as Gonzaga Prep outdid Federal Way for the second season in a row. On the other half of the bracket was Mount Si (Mt. Si) charging their way to the title game behind their two 2020 stars, Jabe Mullins and Tyler Patterson. Although Gonzaga Prep and their senior-led team had their way in the championship game, the Mt. Si duo opened some eyes throughout the state tournament and made it known that they will be back. 

I have been fortunate enough to watch both Jabe and Tyler since they were in the 5th grade, so I am very familiar with their games and how they have each grown and matured over the years. Jabe and Tyler played together in club ball since early elementary school and formed the on court chemistry we see today. Both players definitely had potential from a young age and it was clear they would be good, but you truly never know how good they may become when they are that young. Height, athleticism, injuries, opportunity, work ethic and all around development holds players back year after year. One undeniable consistency in their playing careers has been winning. Tyler’s and Jabe’s dads each helped out with their FOH Seattle teams from elementary on up and they traveled all up and down the west coast competing and beating top level teams. The team was always well coached, headed by Tyler’s dad, Gary Patterson. Athleticism, pressing and trapping everything typically wins at a younger age, but basketball IQ, shooting and passing outlasts athleticism in the long run. Gary Patterson made sure that Jabe and Tyler knew how to play basketball the right way. I was actually at one of the, if not the biggest game of Jabe’s and Tyler’s youth career. FOH Seattle versus Oakland Soldiers. For those that do not know, the Oakland Soldiers 2020 team was absolutely LOADED. Josh Christoper, Kyree Walker, Shemar Morrow, Kendall Munson, Devin Askew and others made up the number one middle school team in the country. The game was played in Oregon and the gym was absolutely packed with families and fans from all other teams watching the anticipated showdown. In an amazing contrast of styles and back and forth basketball, FOH Seattle would take the victory over the number one team in the country. The image of the entire FOH program storming the floor and players tackling each other in celebration still gives me chills. Basketball IQ, shooting and fundamentals paid off on that day and it still continues to pay off for the two stars of Mt. Si today. 

Midway though high school, both players joined the start up program, Team LaVine and have found solid success on the adidas circuit. Each player has gone up against some of the best players in the country and shown that they can compete and even win many matchups. Tyler has grown to 6’7 and is probably the best three point shooting threat in the northwest. He has a long frame that is still filling out and maturing and he may even grow another inch. Tyler uses his length very well on the defensive end and it distracts most players, as he also keeps drivers in front and makes them shoot over him. He can defend some players at the 1, 2 and 3 positions. He is a really solid player to have on any team at the wing position. Jabe takes on a lot of point guard responsibilities and mixes things up with drives to the basket and mid range pull ups. He is a capable three point shooter and someone a coach can trust with the ball in his hands at the end of the game, because he won’t turn it over and he can knock down free throws. Let’s take a look at each player’s profile at this time in high school:

2020 6’6 PG Jabe Mullins:

Offers: Oregon State, Stanford, UCSB, Princeton, Washington State, Dartmouth, San Diego, Colorado State, Northeastern, South Dakota, Portland, Montana, and Eastern Washington 

Prep Hoops National Ranking: 167

HS Awards: 

Freshman: 2nd Team All KingCo

Sophomore: 1st Team All KingCo

Junior: KingCo MVP, All Area Seattle Times, USA Today 2nd Team All State (All classes), 2nd Team All State All Tourney Team

2020 6’7 SG Tyler Patterson:

Offers: Montana State, Cal Poly, and Seattle U

Prep Hoops National Ranking: 190

HS Awards:

Sophomore: 1st Team All KingCo

Junior: 1st Team All KingCo, KingCo Defensive Player of the Year

The best backcourt in Washington has made a case for being one of the best backcourts on the entire West Coast. Mt. Si made the absolute most of their summer, traveling to top events to play the absolute best competition they could find in June. They took Mater Dei down to the wire at the Section 7 event in Phoenix, AZ with Tyler battling a hamstring injury. Mt. Si would lose 63-58, but Jabe put up 27 points and Tyler had 20 on a bad leg against one of the best programs in the entire country. Mt. Si Head Coach Jason Griffith speaks very highly of these two standouts, as culture changers in their community. “They are each great leaders and examples for younger student athletes in our community. Tyler is quieter but puts in a tremendous amount of time to be the best he can be, on and off the court. Jabe is vocal and is relentless at working on his game.” Their impact will likely continue after they graduate from high school, because both players will be off to the college ranks and kids in the Mt. Si community can believe in themselves to achieve what Tyler and Jabe have with the right work ethic and drive. As for now, these two are 100% locked and loaded to lead their team to a state championship.

Coach Griffith continued saying, “It’s funny because three years ago the three of us sat in Subway and talked about their journey and what they need to do to individually and together to change Mount Si Basketball. Well, three years later, we sat in the same Subway and talked about how fast it has gone, yet the number of hours everyone has put in has allowed Mount Si Basketball to be where it is. They are excited for their senior years and look forward to the challenge of being one of the state favorites. Their work ethic has given our community and program so many great memories. It was no accident that they led us to the state championship game last year as their bond and success has been years in the making.” We are still months away from the high school season, but there is a lot to be excited for and Mt. Si will be fundamentally equipped to win it all. 



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