Posted On: 08/7/19 4:27 AM

Morrell Schramm (Cleveland) gifted the @PrepHoopsTN Summer Combine with a dazzling mix of athleticism and shooting prowess.  Though Schramm just missed earning MVP, he did win PrepHoopsTN All-Star Game MVP.

Also, Morrell was among the best shooters in the building.

How did he measure against the competition?

  • Class of 2020
  • 6’2 1/2″
  • Wingspan — 6’0″
  • Height w/o shoes — 6’2 1/2″
  • Height w/ shoes — 6’3 3/4″
  • Hand Span — 10.3″
  • Hand Length — 8.5″
  • Lane Agility — 11.19, 11.38
  • 3/4 court sprint — 3.28, 3.37
  • Summer Combine Ranking — #3
  • All-Star Top 20

NBA Stylistic Comparison: 2016 Grizzlies Tony Allen
College Projection: D2/ LM D1.

Just narrowly behind Co-MVP’s Darwin Randolph and Grant Hurst in post-camp rankings.  Morrell was very versatile offensively and an elite defender on guards of all sizes.

Morrell is a 6’2″+ scoring guard.

His foot speed is nice, as evidenced by the top 3 time in the lane agility. Morrell dashes around the court smoothly.

He gets into his shot very fluidly. Schramm shows off an exciting blend of slasher and shooter.

He projects as a scorer, but defends well too.  Of every camper in attendance, Morrell certainly was the best two-way player.  He thwarted many an attempt at slashing into the lane.  Unafraid to use his body on defense.

Schramm’s weaknesses are few. The 6-foot-0 even wingspan is unflattering for a wing. Deflections are obviously easier to create with longer arms. Defending with his feet and chest are trademarks of Morrell, more so than defending with his arms denying.

He plays with a high motor and even though he can score double figures in Class AAA, Schramm looks like he could earn his “best” offers as a knockdown shooter with lockdown defensive potential.

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