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Posted On: 08/23/19 3:28 PM

For the 2nd year, Georgia will be hosting its Top 250 Expo at LakePoint Sporting Complex on September 22nd. Year 1 was a success, but we are hoping to do things bigger and better this time around. We are now under a month from the event and lots of talented prospects have already secured their spots for camp. This camp will be a great setting for both the top players in Georgia and those looking to improve their reputation and recruitment. Close to 25 college programs were in attendance last year and that should continue this time around.

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Here we will take a look at the state-ranked prospects who are already confirmed to attend early on. Last year’s camp proved to be a perfect stage to get on our radar and jump into the rankings following the event as well.



So far, our 2020 group is headlined by Kennesaw State commit Chris Youngblood, along with some other D1 prospects who emerged this summer from around the state. Following those guys we have some nice sleepers that should start to get considerable recruitment throughout the high school season.

Chris Youngblood (#6 in Georgia/Kennesaw State Commit)

Xavier Valley (#34 in Georgia/Offers from VCU and Missouri State)

Kirshon Thrash (#40 in Georgia/Offer from Presbyterian)

PJ Carter (#43 in Georgia/Offer from Morehead State)

Ryan Landers (#44 in Georgia)

Jack Kostel (#52 in Georgia/Offers from UAH, Emory, Flagler, and Tampa)

Andrew Thomas (#60 in Georgia/Offer from Denver)

Zawdie Jackson (#64 in Georgia)

Tyreek Perkins (#79 in Georgia)

Saigon Kitt (#85 in Georgia)

Evan Hurst (#93 in Georgia)

Michael Whitmore (#98 in Georgia)

Ben Raspberry (#102 in Georgia)

AJ Hopkins (#104 in Georgia)

Clifton Baskerville (#108 in Georgia/Offer from St. Peter’s)

Ty Briscoe (#109 in Georgia)

Joseph Staiti (#111 in Georgia)

Brandon Sherer (#113 in Georgia)

Connor Thompson (#133 in Georgia)

Alex Elliott (#159 in Georgia/Offer from Piedmont)

Maclean Hoekwater (#160 in Georgia/Offer from Maryville)




Last year, the camp’s 2021 group was very strong and it seems that this will be the case again this year. 7 prospects within the Top 30 and 9 within the Top 50 are confirmed for camp. A lot of these guys saw their stock soar during the past travel season, but are still hungry for more. We also have numerous players who started to make a name for themselves over the summer and should surprise people this winter.


Jusaun Holt (#6 in Georgia/Offers from UGA and Georgia Tech)

Kowacie Reeves Jr. (#9 in Georgia/Offers from Stanford, Clemson, Seton Hall, USF, VCU, Florida, Mercer, UGA, and Xavier)

AJ White (#11 in Georgia/Offers from Winthrop, North Alabama, Kennesaw State, and Presbyterian)

Javian Mosley (#16 in Georgia/Offer from Mercer)

RJ Noord (#19 in Georgia/Offers from Elon, Winthrop, and Xavier)

Logan Turner (#22 in Georgia/Offers from Georgia Tech and Appalachian State)

Matt Davis (#27 in Georgia/Offer from Winthrop)

Sutton Smith (#28 in Georgia/Offer from UAH)

Devin McGlockton (#45 in Georgia)

James White (#50 in Georgia)

Andrew McConnell (#53 in Georgia)

Brinton Wright (#54 in Georgia)

Najhae Colon (#60 in Georgia)

Jax Bouknight (#69 in Georgia)

Brendan Rigsbee (#76 in Georgia)

Dylan Garrington (#78 in Georgia)

Will Kolker (#90 in Georgia)

Jake Craft (#108 in Georgia)

Mason Barnes (#112 in Georgia)



During Jonathan Kuminga’s short stay in Georgia last fall, he made an appearance at the Top 250. We will have the top sophomore in the state at camp once again, with Bruce Thornton taking that spot in our initial 2022 rankings last week. Along with him are two more Top 10 prospects in Robert Cowherd and Jared Russo. There are 7 others already confirmed from the Top 75 also.


Bruce Thornton (#1 in Georgia/Offers from Iowa State, Alabama, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Florida, UGA and Xavier)

Robert Cowherd (#9 in Georgia/Offer from UGA)

Jared Russo (#10 in Georgia)

Oscar Lynch (#23 in Georgia)

Chance Thacker (#36 in Georgia)

JJ Hayes (#46 in Georgia)

Grant Portera (#48 in Georgia)

Jaylon Taylor (#56 in Georgia)

Cristian Willis (#60 in Georgia)

Miokaye Grant (#61 in Georgia)

Caleb Lesch (#70 in Georgia)

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