Posted On: 08/14/19 11:09 PM

Ethan Smith (Cleveland) plays pesky and hungry as a Class of 2021 guard attending Cleveland High School.  During the @PrepHoopsTN Summer Combine, Ethan impressed with his defensive commitment and posted decent sprint times.

How did he measure against the competition?

  • Class of 2021
  • 5’10 1/2″ 137 lbs
  • Wingspan — 5’10 1/2″
  • Height w/o shoes — 5’10 1/2″
  • Height w/ shoes — 5’11 1/2″
  • Hand Span — 9 1/4″
  • Hand Length — 7 1/2″
  • Lane Agility — 12.00
  • 3/4 court sprint — 3.50, 3.73
  • Summer Combine Ranking — #32

NBA Stylistic Comparison: 2019 Bulls Ryan Arcidiacono

Ethan Smith recorded just ok sprint time in the 3/4 sprint.  He would be more dangerous on the dribble if he improved that particular trait.  Speed is important to every guard.  Smith did better in the lane ability, posting a 12.00 second time.  

Ethan Smith recorded a slightly wider than average hand with exactly average length (7.5″).  He uses those hands very well defensively.  More impressive, on the defensive end, were Smith’s feet.  He courageously put his feet in the path of the dribblers and discouraged their momentum. 

Ethan Smith doesn’t get off the ground very high and this limits his shooting prowess in tight spaces.  There is potential for him to be a catch-and-shoot guy at the varsity level, but he needs to improve the shot preparation.  For example, he takes a split second longer than he should to get his feet set and the ball up into the pocket.  Guards can’t have any wasted movement in their shots, as defenders just get taller each year.

Handles are average with flashes of better than average.  Ethan possesses the foundation to be a strong dribbler.  He has to put more work in to incorporate slick moves.  Most of his dribbling technique is predictable at the high school varsity level.  It is not poor, but just not exceptional.  During the drills utilizing the strong hand (right hand), Smith looked good.  He, and most campers, lost a little stability with their weaker hand dribbling.

Under new Cleveland Head Coach Reggie Tucker, Ethan Smith will claw for varsity attention in this his junior season.  CHS is a great program and minutes will be difficult, but Ethan’s strengths are encouraging.  Coaches love guys who defend and Ethan is committed to that end.

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