Posted On: 08/7/19 4:03 AM

Blue Cain (East Hamilton) gifted the PrepHoopsTN Summer Combine with fitness and mid-range competence.  There was an elegance to his movement, but beyond the potential for success, Cain made shots.  Some of his makes were difficult, but most were off-the-dribble during the challenging drills.

How did he measure against the competition?

  • Class of 2023 guard
  • 6’1″ 152 lbs
  • Wingspan — 6’2 3/4″
  • Height w/o shoes — 6’1″
  • Height w/ shoes — 6’2″
  • Hand Span — 8 5/12″
  • Hand Length — 7 7/12″
  • 3/4 court sprint — 3.63, 3.72
  • Summer Combine Ranking — #20
  • All-Star Top 20

NBA Stylistic Comparison: 2017 Jazz Alec Burks
College Projection: Fringe NAIA.

Six Class of 2023 players attended. Half of them earned placement in the All-Star Game. Blue Cain was one of them. Cain got a strong recommendation from Cleveland High Assistant Coach Reggie Tucker for that All-Star Game. Coach Tucker liked both the fluidity and shooting touch of Blue.

Blue Cain showed average straightline speed (3.63) for a freshman-to-be.  His change of direction is certainly an area in need of attention.  Because Cain is a smooth shooter he will benefit greatly from quicker feet.  Ideally, Cain will be running constantly off the ball and circling around screens prior to catching a purposeful feed.  Speed is important for shooters as shooting windows shrink each rung up the basketball ladder.  Somehow the player with Cain’s style of play needs to create separation.  Height helps.  Speed helps.  Quick release helps.  Blue is on his way with height and the release is easily replicated.  He just needs better speed.

Blue’s hands measured bigger than the average camper (8 5/12″).  He demonstrated that larger hands, for him, did not inhibit shooting touch.

Cain is lean with nice height.  Standing 6-foot-1, Cain looks to still be growing.  Considering his proclivity for shooting, Blue Cain is likely to blossom off-the-ball.  Knoxville Catholic will be able to use him as a scorer with secondary ball-handler duties, as well.

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