Posted On: 08/19/19 4:36 PM

If you clicked on our 2022 Rankings this morning, you would have found a list of 52 players. Now, that page runs 93 deep.

That number of 93, however, will look small compared to this time next year.

We’re still in the stage of gathering names. As far as ranking, it’s more about how players stack up compared to those who have already been discovered.

There are so many more out there yet to emerge or be seen and therefore the no. 50 player, for example, may not be the 50th best player. And it’s those unseen talents will fill in those gaps and bolster the list. 

So — it’s important to remember and restate — these are not the best 93 players in Ohio’s 2022 class. The only way to create that list would be to dedicate a whole year to 15U ball and freshman/junior varsity basketball games during the HS season. Ain’t happening.

But these 93 are all on the radar. They’ve shown flashes. They all bring something to the table — some more than others — that should eventually appeal to a college program. 


Top 5

The top three of Chris Livingston, Sencire Harris and Paul McMillan IV all appear poised for high-major college basketball.

Harris and McMillan are interchangeable at no. 2 and no. 3. Harris’s size and remarkable fluidity gives him a ton of upside. McMillan, meanwhile, is already one of the most heady playmakers in the state. He also locks down on defense and has a more consistent outside shot than anyone in this top crop.

The top ranked big in 2022, Shawn Phillips, received a Xavier offer this summer. He’s potentially a top three guy in this class, given his ceiling. Right now a clear no. 4, Phillips provides shot-blocking, rebounding, and scoring out of the post. He’s rather nimble and plays on his toes. 

No. 5 was the most challenging to decide. We landed on Kebba Njie because of his versatility, motor, and skills. Blends size with quickness to defend multiple spots. Very active rebounder and defender. Can do a lot out of the triple threat. Flashes shot-making from the mid- to low-post. Ultimately, it was again the prospect’s upside that decided it.


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