Posted On: 08/9/19 7:35 PM

Best Floor General- Sutton Smith
Smith has shown that he can orchestrate a team with the best of them in a variety of settings. He led 1st year Denmark to 24 wins, played a key part in Hype taking down multiple sponsored teams, and most recently ran the show for a team with multiple Top 100 players at the NCAA Academy in Houston. Smith strikes an impressive balance of facilitating and scoring, he is a pass-first player but does not allow defenses to settle in and try to play him as a non-scoring threat. Although he may not the eye test, Smith has consistently outplayed those who do and he plays the PG position the way that college coaches desire. Smith and the Danes look ready to build on Year 1’s success in 4A.


Best Scorer- AJ White
If you want points, just simply put the ball in White’s hands. He had already surpassed 1,000 points during his sophomore season and continued to give teams nightmares during the travel season. White may be small and won’t wow you with athleticism, but his smooth, skilled game allows him to be productive against anyone. You could definitely make the argument that he is the best shooter off the dribble in the state. White connects on all types of shots with the ball in his hands and can do it from well beyond the arc. He is always calm and understands when to utilize floaters from about 8-10 feet before approaching shot-blockers. Whenever I watch White, he seems to put on a scoring clinic. Once he shows his abilities against high-level 17U competition next year, coaches will stop worrying so much about his size.


Best Rebounder- Ian Schieffelin
It would have been a tough choice between Schieffelin and Cole Middlton for this award, but since Middleton was hurt for a good chunk of the spring and summer, Schieffelin gets the nod here. He has proven to be very deserving, giving both SE United and Grayson a consistent double-double threat who secures boards on both ends. I’ve mentioned it before, but very few 2021 prospects have a college-ready body and use it effectively like Schieffelin does. He is a solid leaper, but when he isn’t able to elevate between guys, Schieffelin moves bodies and carves out space for rebounding position. Schieffelin is a versatile offensive player with good post fundamentals and shooting ability, but he has been on very talented teams where his offense isn’t always needed. It is nice to see that he has already learned to impact the game without scoring.


Best Defender- Myles Rice/Najhae Colon
Although both are respectable offensive players, the defensive prowess of Rice and Colon always impressed me this summer. A PG with length and quick feet, Rice is so hard to get by, especially for smaller guards. He brings intensity as an on-ball defender every possession and never allows ball-handlers to relax. Rice showed these qualities with Eastside and the Atlanta Celtics during the summer months, along with a well-rounded overall game. His efforts led to an offer from Georgia State; Rice is trending upward and is one to track heading into the high school season.
Colon is always up for a defensive challenge and loves when he has the opportunity to go up against bigger names and shut them down. He is savvy on and off the ball as a defender and always seems to find ways to negate his height disadvantage on defense. He isn’t the biggest guard, but the size of his heart is huge. Colon was a crucial part in numerous statement wins both during the travel season and in summer league games with Kell. If June was any sign, Colon and the rest of the Longhorn team are going to be a force to be reckoned with in 5A this winter.


Mid-Range Assassin- Jamall Clyce
I’m not sure there is a prospect in Georgia, throughout all classes, that possesses the in-between shooting ability that Clyce has. He can connect off the dribble, off the catch, or facing up in the mid-range. There may be other guys who do it at a comparable level in just one category but no one excels in all 3 like Clyce does. Elevation is key for him as he is able to hang and stay in the air for shots even when someone is contesting. Clyce is a unique player who doesn’t really have a true position right now but provides toughness and enjoys doing the little things. He seems to be adding to his ball-handling constantly and looks ready for a solid junior season alongside Pebblebrook’s other talented 2021 prospects.