Posted On: 08/1/19 1:41 PM

The GPA and the Hard Work Final leads us to a final ranking of the Minnesota 15u teams today!


RankTeamRecordMN Wins of NoteMN Losses of NoteLast Week
1Fury Wilde47-3DTA, Team Factory Gold (x2), WOTN, Comets Stumpf (x3), Heat Mac, Wisconsin Crusaders (+22), Fury K, Heat Grow, Select Davis, Fury S 16s,Team Factory Gold (-9), Heat Johnson 16s, Gain Elite 16s1
2D1 Minnesota20-9Magic Elite J, Wisconsin Crusaders (+16)2
3Howard Pulley Black23-7Phenom/Prodigy Elite, Team Factory Black (x2), Crossfire Baker (x2), Suns3
4Comets Stumpf31-17Heat Grow, SW MN Stars (x2), D1mnP, Heat Mac (x2), Select Davis, Exposure, Comets P, Fury K (x2), Select Davis, WOTN (x2), Fury Wilde (x3), WOTN (x2), Lightning El4
5Select Davis36-14Comets G (x2), Crossfire, Mpls Hawks, Fury K, SW Stars, SW Stars, WOTN, Heat Mac (x3), E1T1D1mnP, Comets Stumpf (x2), Fury Wilde5
6MN Lightning Ellerbusch25-6Comets G, Select Rush, Thunder, D1mnP, Rise, Comets Elite, Heat Mac E1T18
7Heat MacDonald29-16Lightning L, Get Shook, DTA 14s, SW Stars, WOTN, Exposure, Fury K, Mid-MN, Comets GComets Stumpf (x2), Fury Wilde, Select Davis (x3), Lightning E6
8E1T124-2Lightning Ellerbusch, Fury K, WOTN E, Comets G (x2), Comets P (x2), Select Rush, FAB , Grit, ExposureSelect Davis7
9WOTN Erickson26-18Playmakers Bemidji, Comets Stumpf (x2), SW Stars, Rise, Thunder, D1 MN Prospects, Select GFury Wilde, Select Davis, Heat Mac, E1T1, Comets Stumpf (x2)10
10Team Get Shook25-13Rise, D1mnP, North Tartan, HP Maxey, Select E 16s, Select A 16s, Gain Elite, PhenomHeat MacDonald, HP 14s, Phenom 16s11
11D1 MN Prospects29-13Crossfire T, Select Davis, FAB, WOTN Renta, North Tartan, Heat Grow, Exposure, Lace Up, Comets G, Crossfire B, Magic, Fury KGet Shook, Comets Elite, DTA 14s (x2), AIA (-3), Crossfire Barker, WOTN E, Lightning E12
12Gain Elite21-15Comets Gagner, WOTN Renta, Exposure, Team GEt ShookDTA 14s, Team Get Shook, Heat Engen9
13North Tartan16-9Playmakers Bemidji, Exposure, Phenom, Fury KD1mnP, Get Shook, Rise13
14Fury Kaupa23-19Suns, Crossfire T, Mid-MN Attack (x2), Phenom, Heat Grow, Heat Unger (x2), Rise, Exposure, Crown, WOTN RSelect Davis, Heat Grow, Fury Wilde, Comets Elite (x2), E1T1, D1mnP, North Tartan, Heat Mac14
15SE MN Thunder18-8Crown, Jazz (x2), Comets P (x2), Heat Grow, Rise, SW StarsExposure, Lightning Eller, WOTN E15
16MN Exposure17-12SE Thunder, Crossfire Baker (x2), Rush, WOTN R, Heat Grow, Magic WilliamsNorth Tartan, D1mnP, Fury K, Comets Elite, Heat Mac, e1t1, Gain Elite16
17Magic Elite Williams13-17Rise, Crossfire, Comets G, WOTN RFury K, Exposure, D1mnP17
18MN Rise20-16Heat Grow, WOTN Renta, Rip City, Rush, North TartanSuns, Get Shook, Magic Elite Williams, Jazz, SE Thunder, Fury K, WOTN E, Heat G, Lightning E18
19Jerry Gamble FAB10-6WOTN Renta, Comets G, Rip City, Stars, JazzD1mnP, E1T119
20Howard Pulley Blue10-12Crossfire TerhaarGet Shook20
21Crown Elite11-7Select Rush, WOTN Renta, SW Stars, Comets PMN Rush, SE Thunder, Fury K, Lightning E21
22Mid-MN Attack13-6Lightning L, Heat Grow, WC Wildcats, Comets PSW Stars, Fury K (x2), Heat Mac, Gain Elite22
23Heat Grow16-20Crossfire T, WC Wildcats E, Fury K, Rise, GritRise, Comets Elite, MidMN Attack, D1mnP (x2), Thunder, Fury K, Fury Wilde, Exposure. Lightning 23
24Crossfire Barker20-17MN Rush, Suns, Select Rush, D1mnP, Lace UpExposure (x2), Magic Willams, Rise, H Pulley (x2), All-In, Select Davis, WOTN 3, Magic J, D1mnP24
25MN Grit10-10Select M, Rip City, LaceUpWOTN Renta, SW Stars, Heat E, Crossfire Baker, Heat Grow,E1T125
Others:SW Mn Stars9-21Mid MN Attack, Crossfire T, GritSelect Davis (x2), Comets Elite (x2), Heat Mac, WOTN, Crown, FAB, W United
Comets Gagner23-19Select Rush (x3), Playmakers Bemidji, Rip City, WOTN R, Comets P, Heat EMN Rush, Select Davis (x2), Gain Elite, Lightning El, FAB, E1T1, Magic Williams, Heat Mac, WOTN E
Crossfire Terhaar 19-19TC Grind, Lace Up, Heat Unger (x2), Lightning Leary, SunsPulley Blue, Fury K, D1mnP, Heat Grow (x2), Magic W, SW Stars, Magic E, Heat E
Select Rush17-21Heat E (x2), Comets PCrown Elite, Comets G (x2), DTA 14s, Comets P, E1T1, Crossfire Barker
Comets Petermier12-20Mn Rush (x2), SE Thunder (x2), E1T1, Crown, Comets Elite, Comets G, Select Rush, Mid MN Attack
MN Rush15-7Rip City, Select M, Comets G, Heat UngerCrossfire Baker, Comets P, Rise, Exposure
MN Suns16-18Rise, Lightning L, Lace UpFury K, WOTN Renta, Crossfire Baker, Howard Pulley, HP 14s, Crossfire T, E1T1
MN Lightning Leary9-10TC Grind, WOTN Renta, Rip CityHeat Mac, Suns, Mid-MN Attack (x2), Phenom, Crossfire T, Rise, Comets P
Phenom/Prodigy Elite6-12Pulley Black, Fury K, North Tartan, Get Shook
Heat Unger14-26Crown, WOTN RentaAll-In, Crossfire T (x2), Comets G, WOTN Renta, Fury K, Rush, Rise
WC Wildcats10-8Select W, WOTN RentaHeat Engen, Heat Grow, Mid Major Attack, Crossfire T
WOTN Renta10-13Grit, Comets GJazz, Crown, Rise, Gain Elite, Exposure, Lightning Leary,
MN Jazz9-10Select M, WOTN R, Rise, Select RushSE Thunder (x2), WOTN Renta, FAB