Posted On: 08/20/19 1:59 PM

The Hard Work Region on the Prep Hoops Circuit included some of the top talent in the Midwest and today we honor the best. 

The Wisconsin Playground Warriors had two teams competing for a championship.  The Minnesota Fury put a 46-3 record on the line when they competed for the title.  Ohio squads Hopson Elite, Team Flyght, and JH1 Elite represented a state of 15u talent when they went after Prep Hoops Circuit Gold each week as did Team Factory out of Omaha.  The 15U talent level in the Midwest was outstanding and the following players were the.. Best of the Best. 



The All-Hard Work Region First Team

Mekhi Collins of Minnesota Fury. “The 6’4” bouncy Mankato West forward scored the biggest bucket of the tournament that sealed the win.” – Will Whitmore of Prep Hoops. 

Luke Haertle of Wisconsin Playground Black. “Feel like every time I watch Luke Haertle, he’s contributing in a variety of ways. Can be a primary scorer, lockdown defender, rebounder, glue guy, etc” – Evan Flood of Prep Hoops.

Nick Katona of Minnesota Fury. “Watched him score in double figures in Atlanta and I have to say, he has a chance to do a lot of things better than his brother Charlie, which is very impressive.” – Local Basketball Eye (wants name to be John Doe)

Shawn Phillips of Team Flyght. “2022 big man Shawn Phillips is an old fashioned, space controlling and strong big man with hands and touch. Looks well on his way to a high major recruitment.” – Respected National Analyst Eric Bossi of

Jack Rose of Wisconsin Playground White. “Coming in, thought maybe I over ranked Jack. Then he came out and scored 14 points in six minutes. Crossed a defender and went into a step back triple. It’s the motor college coaches will love the most though. Battles for EVERYTHING and doesn’t take a play off.” – Evan Flood of Prep Hoops. 


The All-Hard Work Region Second Team

Leon Bond of JH1 Elite. “Leon is special in a lot of ways, but I’m loving his patience and unselfishness on the block. Understands where doubles are coming from and what defenders are trying to do to him. Staying calm and keeping his eyes up. Buy stock now.” – Evan Flood

Jeff Brazziel of Wisconsin Playground White.  “He knows he’s got special ability to get to the rim just about whenever he wants, but the Milwaukee Madison standout developed his jumper quite a bit and was able to add to his arsenal over the summer.  There’s zero doubt that Brazziel is a big time scorer,” – Evan Flood

Sam Fliehe of the Minnesota Fury  “Fliehe has been flying off screens exhausting his opponents. Even got scrappy and scored off an offensive board. Talented shooter that does all of the little things.” Will Whitmore 

Max Nelson of Wisconsin Playground Black. “I’m high on Appleton North 2022 forward Max Nelson. Big guy who can flat out shoot the rock.” – Evan Flood

Troy Scowden of JH1 Elite Ohio. “6’6, 2022 big man Troy Scowden.  He has been getting to the free throw line at will late in this game. His contributions have kept JH1 Elite Ohio within striking distance of Old School Wings.” – Collin Parker of Prep Hoops


The All-Hard Work Region Third Team

Maddox Alipate of the Minnesota Fury. “With McGraw out Maddox stepped into the lead guard position and not only ran with it, Alipate was a defensive wall, his leadership on the floor and in the huddle was quite noticeable, and in some of the most important games the basket attack of the six foot guard led scoring totals” – Ryan James of Prep Hoops

Andrew Alia of Wisconsin Playground White. :Alia of Kenosha St. Joseph put together an impressive offensive display for PGC.  Smooth pull-up game off the dribble.” Evan Flood. 

Rob Dorsey of JH1 Elite Ohio.  “Creative lefty slasher who has a mean rocker step. Gets past the first line of defense to become a playmaker, often hitting open shooters on the opposite wing. Makes the right decision quickly. Scores it well from the second level. Very high-IQ.” – Anthony Garcia of Prep Hoops

Mekhi Elmore of Team Flyght. “An effective slasher with a deep bag of crafty finishing moves inside. Long kid who looks like he has room to grow. The lefty will be much harder to guard as his jump shot improves.” Anthony Garcia. 

Chandler Meeks of Team Factory. “He’s so strong physically that if he gets his man on his hip then he’s going to lay the ball in at the rim. While Meeks is a lead guard right now in terms of skill and ability.” Mason Asher of Prep Hoops.


The All-Hard Work Region Fourth Team

Brady Helgren of the Minnesota Fury.

Caden Hinker of South Dakota Attack. 

Nate Houston of Hopson Elite. 

Ashton Jankowski of JH1 Elite. 

Cael Lundin of South Dakota Venom.

Casey Verhagen of Wisconsin Playground Black. 


The All-Hard Work Region Fifth Team

David Alpers of South Dakota Venom. 

Sean Craig of Hopson Elite. 

PJ Davis of Team Factory. 

Evan Dushek of the Minnesota Heat.

Johnny Tennyson of D1 Minnesota Prospects.

Justin Wohlers of the Minnesota Lightning.