Posted On: 07/8/19 11:43 PM

The more you play and practice the better you become as a basketball player. AAU provides the opportunity for players to participate in more games compared to school ball. A lot of great players develop by playing AAU basketball.

The Derek Anderson Stamina Showcase was a cutting edge tournament designed to give players a chance to compete at a high level. 

With four courts under one roof at the Samson ‘s Sports and Fitness Club, it was the ideal setup to see a lot of basketball without too much going on at once. 

  1. There were various levels of competition, but at every level there were some really great players. They did a great job of balancing the level of competition.
  2. Unlike most AAU tournaments, KB Sports didn’t rip people off. Parking was free, game entrance was $10 and the concession stand prices were reasonable.
  3. The 2019 class had some players who flew under the radar. Jalen Behr, 6’3 point guard and Titus Hunter, 5’10 combo guard were the two guys to watch.

KB Sports will be hosting the Battle in Atlanta Showcase July 19-21 in Lithonia, Georgia.