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Duncanville, TX.- The Indi World 4 Championships had some very talented prospects at the event. Here are some of the in state prospects that showed out this past weekend.

Corey Kelly | SF | Houston Hoops Blue Chips | 2023

Kelly is an athletic wing that loves to drive to the basket. The Houston native is built like a college athlete already despite not even entering the high school level yet. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him play early and often on the varsity level this Fall.

BJ Hooper | SG | YGC36 | 2023

Hooper is a smooth scorer that is liable to give your squad twenty or more depending on if his shots are falling. He is coming back from an injury that sidelined him for a couple of months, but he definitely proved to me this past weekend that he can be one of the best scorers in Texas for his class.

Payton Chism | PG | Drive Nation | 2023Chism has the ability to see plays develop before they happen. He is always looking and surveying the floor and can also score the ball if needed. It’s too early to say who the best lead guard is for the state in 2023, but Payton Chism is definitely making a strong case for himself.

Daniel Tuck | PG | Crab5 | 2023

 Tuck is a small guard that is equipped to get buckets. He is a good ball handler that changes directions well with the rock and can knock down multiple jumpers from deep.

Kendall Lawrence | SG/SF | BMM | 2023

Lawrence is a big combination guard that can shoot the ball or penetrate the gaps and finish at a high rate.

Ronald Holland | PF | Drive Nation | 2023

Holland is a beast on both ends of the floor and if you’re not ready to play against him he will dominate you. They’re not a lot of kids in the state or even the country that has the killer mentality that Ronald Holland possesses. He must continue to work on his skill set, but his length, size, and athleticism make him a potential national name for the high school rankings.

Wesley Yates | PG | Houston Hoops Blue Chips | 2023

Yates is a big player that has nice playmaking  ability and can shoot it from behind the three point line. 

Sterling Butler | PG | YGC36 | 2023

Butler is a tough ball handler who can run a team and likes to get others involved on the offensive end. A solid playmaker that takes pride in locking up players when he’s on defense.

Addison Harmon | PG | Proskills | 2023

Harmon can create for himself off the bounce and can shoot it from multiple spots on the floor.

T.J. Burch | PG | YGC36 | 2023

Burch is fast and crafty with the rock in his hands. He doesn’t back down from anyone on the court and likes to put pressure on opposing guards by attacking them from the top of the key.

Robert Jones | SG | Drive Nation | 2023

Jones is a player that doesn’t have to have the ball in his hands to make plays happen. He is a high-level scorer that moves to open spots on the floor and will knock down jumpers around the key and has good isolation moves that make him very challenging to guard. He is one of the best scoring guards in Texas.

Carson Jach | SG/SF | 3D Empire | 2023

Jach is an efficient catch and shoot player, that you must sit down on because if you close out wrong he will blow past you with his deceptive first step. 

JaKobe Walter | SG | Drive Nation | 2023

Walters scores the ball with ease from anywhere on the floor. He is an all around player that does a lot of things well at the guard spot. Walters has a legitimate chance to be one of if not the top player in the state for his class.

Gerhig Normand | SG | 3D Empire  | 2023

Normand is a confident shooter that plays the game with the kind of swagger that makes you fall in love with his game when you’re watching him play. You must not allow him to be in rhythm on offense because he’ll punish you by hitting a barrage of threes.

Jacovey Campbell | PG | Drive Nation | 2023

The diminutive guard is a tenacious defender that likes to play the game at a fast pace and looks to make plays happen for others.

Orlando Horton Jr. | Houston Hoops Blue Chips | 2023

Horton Jr. may be small but he knows how to play the point guard position. He is an extension of a coach on the floor and has nice court vision. He is another point guard that has proven to be one of the best in Texas for 2023.

Drew Steffe | SG | Team Griffin | 2023

Steffe is a talented shooting guard who can play the 1 or the 2 but is more effective when he’s off the ball. He had a strong weekend at the Indi World Championships and it’s apparent that he is one of the top shooting guards in the State.

Matt Reed | PF/C | BMM | 2023

The physical big man displayed good post footwork on the block. Reed is one of the best bigs in the state for his class and could be a national name in the future.

K.J. Lewis | SG | Drive Nation | 2023

This kid has the God-given bounce that can’t be explained but can only be appreciated. Lewis is oozing with high-level upside and if he continues to progress the kid will be a hot commodity recruit for coaches around the country.

Dean Balo | SF | Nike Proskills | 2023

The skillset of Balo is already advanced for his age. He is a big wing that can handle it and knows how to hit jumpers off the dribble or the catch. Balo is another gifted scorer that the state should get familiar with very soon.

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