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AURORA, Ill. —  Wisconsin superlatives from the 2019 Prep Hoops Summer Challenge…



Brandin Podziemski Brandin Podziemski 6'6" | SG Saint John's Northwestern Academy | 2021 State #232 Nation WI – Wisconsin Rap

Podziemski came up with 29 points  against Fundamental U to lead Wisconsin Rap to the 17U title. The SJNMA standout continues to wow us with his ability to dominate at the 17U level. Nobody heard much about Podziemski last season, despite averaging north of 20 points per game and winning Conference Player of the Year as a sophomore. All he’s done since is win and put up big numbers.  Up to No. 9 in the class of 2021 rankings, Podziemski has not only earned a top 10 spot, but continued to suggest that he should be even higher.

Runner-Up: Darius Hannah Darius Hannah 6'8" | PF Milwaukee Academy of Science | 2020 State #345 Nation WI – All-In Gold Gauntlet



Hayden Doyle Hayden Doyle 5'11" | CG Brookfield East | 2021 State WI – Wisconsin Playground Club

Playground Club was the lone Wisconsin team to reach the 16U semifinals. There are a number of players you could pick here, but I thought Doyle found something this weekend in Chicago and made it extremely difficult to take him off the floor — in fact he didn’t in the second half during a slugfest against JH1 Elite, a game PGC doesn’t win without him. Doyle is a gritty, hard-nosed guard that makes toughness plays and rubs off on his teammates. When  it was time to hit a big shot, the Brookfield East guard didn’t hesitate and often came through. 

Runner-Up: Cameron Palesse Cameron Palesse 6'3" | CG Waukesha West | 2021 State #249 Nation WI – Wisconsin Playground Club



Jack Rose Jack Rose 6'4" | SG Westosha Central | 2022 State #213 Nation WI – Wisconsin Playground Club

Coming into this weekend, I thought I had perhaps over-ranked Rose a bit. He wasn’t a household name in this state and doesn’t have the size/measurables of some of the other top prospects in his class. Then he came out and dominated everyone in his path. Now, I’m starting to think Rose could be a top three player in the 2022 class.  The 6-foot-3 wing shot the ball exceptionally well and  opened eyes with his ability to school athletic guards and wings off the bounce while hitting shots with his momentum falling away from the basket. The best thing about Rose, however is his motor. The Westosha Central product sprints up and down the floor, battles for every rebound and loose ball, and is a willing defender.

Runner-Up:   Luke Haertle Luke Haertle 6'3" | SG Lake County Lutheran | 2022 State WI /Wisconsin Playground Club



Darius Hannah Darius Hannah 6'8" | PF Milwaukee Academy of Science | 2020 State #345 Nation WI – All-In Gold Gauntlet

A torn ACL forced Hannah to miss nearly his entire junior season. He wasn’t showing many ill effects in Chicago. The high-upside forward  was flashing all sorts of things as All-In reached the 17U quarterfinals before falling in a tight game to Wisconsin Playground Club. At 6-foot-9, Hannah is a scary mismatch nightmare with his ability to handle the ball, shoot from distance, or face-up from mid-range. Given Hannah’s ridiculous length and exciting bounce, he’s likely moving back into the top 10  rankings in 2020. 

Runner-Up: Aiden Flynn Aiden Flynn 6'5" | PF Marquette | 2020 State WI – Wisconsin Rap, Jacob Ognacevic Jacob Ognacevic 6'8" | PF Sheboygan Lutheran | 2020 State #413 Nation WI – Wisconsin Playground Club


Josh Crubaugh Josh Crubaugh 6'3" | SF New Berlin Eiesenhower | 2021 State WI – JH1 Elite

We went into the 16U  quarterfinals ready to watch Isaiah Hammond Isaiah Hammond 6'3" | SG Milwaukee School of Languages | 2021 State WI and Owen Meyer Owen Meyer 6'2" | PG Germantown | 2021 State WI against Wisconsin Playground Club. We left talking about Josh Crubaugh Josh Crubaugh 6'3" | SF New Berlin Eiesenhower | 2021 State WI . In a high-level contest, Crubaugh  connected on five triples, hitting big shot after big shot to keep his team in the game. The New Berlin Eiesenhower standout showed terrific moxy in a packed gym while pressure was mounting with every possession.  Playground Club threw a number of different defenders at Crubaugh throughout the game, but it was always pretty much the same result.

Runner-Up:  Kai Buliox Kai Buliox 6'0" | PG Milwaukee King | 2020 State WI – Wisconsin Surge



John Lovelace John Lovelace 6'4" | SF Brown Deer | 2021 State WI – ABC Young Lions

A prospect that just seems to thrive while flying under the radar,  Lovelace continues to produce at strong level, despite not getting a ton of notoriety in the state. Lovelace has the size and build to play and defend a variety of positions. Pretty versatile, he’s not limited to being labeled as a slasher, shooter, etc. 

Runner-Up:  Tyrese England Tyrese England 6'1" | CG Wisconsin Lutheran | 2020 State WI – Wisconsin United



Leon Bond Leon Bond 6'5" | PF Wauwatosa East | 2022 State #183 Nation WI – JH1 Elite

Here, we’re looking at upside and potential more so than all-around performance.  Bond may not have had the best weeked in the 15U Division, but may have wowed us the most. A 6-foot-4 combo forward with length and exciting bounce, Bond was special in the open floor and in isolation settings. His jumper definitely needs work, but the Wauwatosa East product has some exciting tools around the basket and plays with high energy on both ends of the floor.

Runner-Up:  Danilo Jovanovich Danilo Jovanovich 6'6" | PF Whitnall | 2022 State WI – Wisconsin Playground Club



Jacob Hefle Jacob Hefle 6'1" | PG Germantown | 2020 State WI – Wisconsin Surge Elite

The Surge weren’t at full strength this weekend, but credit to Hefle, who seemed to elevate the play of those around him.  Hefle showcased a lot of high-IQ play over the weekend. The Germantown standout does a great job of putting his teammates into position to succeed.  While he’s a pass-first guard, Hefle picks his spots well offensively and can go get a bucket when it’s needed.

Runner-Up: Casey Verhagen Casey Verhagen 6'1" | PG Sheboygan Lutheran | 2022 State WI – Wisconsin Playground Club, Javeon Tolliver Javeon Tolliver 6'0" | PG Milwaukee Lutheran | 2020 State WI (Wisconsin United)


Gavin McGrath Gavin McGrath 6'10" | C Onalaska | 2021 State WI – Wisconsin Playground Club

McGrath continues to take positive steps in his development. This was a guy that wasn’t getting on the floor in AAU a year ago. Now, he’s starting for one of the top 16U teams in the Midwest. Things are really starting to click for the Onalaska native, who had stretches of dominance  on the offensive glass and as a shot blocker. At 6-foot-10, McGrath can move quite well. He’s also much better at establishing position on the block and scoring with his back to the basket than he was even this past spring.

Runner-Up: Jayquan Hickles Jayquan Hickles 6'5" | PF Milwaukee King | 2022 State WI – Wisconsin Playground Club



Zac Johnson Zac Johnson 6'3" | SG River Falls | 2021 State WI – Wisconsin Playmakers

A lot of good candidates here, but we’ll go with Johnson for two reasons. First, his short term memory is highly advanced. Johnson can have missed a handful of shots in a row, but his confidence nor shot selection does not waiver. Secondly, the River Falls sniper takes and makes some of the more difficult attempts in the state. He’s not a guy that relies on a lot of screens to get open. Johnson is fine operating with minimal space, sometimes well beyond the arc.

Runner-Up: Jack Rose Jack Rose 6'4" | SG Westosha Central | 2022 State #213 Nation WI – Wisconsin Playground Club, Arion Burns Arion Burns 5'11" | PG Milwaukee Bradley Tech | 2020 State WI – Wisconsin Surge Davis, Brandin Podziemski Brandin Podziemski 6'6" | SG Saint John's Northwestern Academy | 2021 State #232 Nation WI – Wisconsin Rap, Parker Nielsen Parker Nielsen 6'2" | CG Prescott | 2020 State WI – Minnesota Select, Owen Ziegler Owen Ziegler 6'1" | SG Mount Horeb | 2020 State WI – Wisconsin Hoops Select, Andrew Alia Andrew Alia 6'4" | SG Kenosha St. Joseph | 2022 State WI – Wisconsin Playground Club


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