Posted On: 07/12/19 5:00 AM

In today’s era of “position-less” basketball, its becoming more and more important for players to show they can fill various roles on either end of the floor. Trevor Keels, a 15-year-old guard prospect from Paul VI, does just that. We’ve seen it with his high school team, and more recently while playing up with Team Takeover EYBL. 

“My versatility is underrated,” Keels said during a recent interview with Prep Hoops. “I can check the best scorer. I can make plays for others. I can score the ball at all three levels.”

More and more college programs are beginning to reveal their interest in the constantly improving rising junior. Since mid-June, when coaches became permitted to contact him directly, Keels has received over a half-dozen high major offers from schools like Villanova. Ohio State and UConn are among several others who could pull the trigger soon.

One thing that stands out about Keels is that he will play the right way in any setting. Taking charges are a specific type of play he makes with more frequency than most. 

“It gives the whole team energy,” he stated. “Because it’s a charge. No points for the offense. Other teams hate that. They’re gonna stop driving and start settling for jump shots.”

Keels says his current area of focus is becoming more explosive. He mentioned constantly being in the gym working with his strength & conditioning coach and utilizing the Vertimax. Recent evidence shows that Keels is making positive strides to improve his athleticism, and the results will only be bolstered as his body continues to mature.

Already a key contributor on a Peach Jam Contender, Keels gained invaluable experience during his breakout sophomore campaign, and is preparing to parlay it into another successful year. 

“I gotta step up and be a leader. I’ve got to take control of the team. (Jeremy) Roach is coming back, but he might not be 100% right away. So I have to take control of the team this year.”