Posted On: 07/19/19 5:00 AM

Cole Paar, a class of 2021 center from Glenelg Country, impressed at DMV Live II and looks poised to step into a key role this season. We saw several new aspects of his game last month at DeMatha, but perhaps most impressive was his back-to-the basket game.

“I’ve always had it,” Paar said of his low-post scoring ability. “Just get a chance to show it. I was playing power forward next to my brother who is obviously a great post player. I’m excited to show off my post game because he’s been getting all of the touches, but I’m ready.”

At 6-foot-9 230 pounds, Cole has a similar physical profile to his older-brother Chase, who will be a freshman at George Washington this year. What advice has been given to the younger sibling?

“Always stay composed in the post, slow it down, and be calm because if they double you it’s a great passing opportunity. If not, that’s when you go to work.”

One thing that really stands out about Paar is how much he talks while on the court. It’s important for big men to communicate, especially defensively where they serve as the last line of defense.

“Since I was in elementary school, I’ve always been the most talkative on my team,” Paar explained. “Even during practice, it’s always been a main focus of my game. It’s just the little things that count.”

On the offensive end, Paar is effective as a space eater in the paint who uses his length to tap the ball out for extra possessions when crashing the boards. He also has good touch to go along with a nice arsenal of moves on the block.

“My footwork I think is really underrated. That helps me definitely get position and rebounds. I’m sneaky on the boards.”

Modeling his game after Nikola Jokic, Paar believes his ball-handling, ability to attack the basket, and passing are underrated attributes of his game. He’s been focusing on those areas for improvement this summer and thinks he will be ready to showcase that during the season.

Holy Cross and Brown are among the schools who’ve shown interest in Paar, who has a 3.0 GPA. We expect that list of schools to grow over the next few months, and are excited to track his progress during the upcoming season.