Posted On: 07/11/19 4:59 PM

One of the breakout players from both DMV Live Periods at DeMatha was 2020 Oumar Koureissi. Oumar has high major athleticism but is starting to play like a high major prospect while on the court. He has shown he can finish very well around the rim, shoot it from anywhere on the court and play defense at a high level that includes multiple blocked shots per game. One of the most impressive aspects of his game that I have seen is his ability to move downhill with the ball. He is always shifting gears and allowing himself to score the ball no matter what the defense is giving him.

 “I like to take pride in my versatility so when I have smaller guards on me I try to take them down but if I have a guy who is my size, I want to attack on him.”

When he is not scoring around the rim, he will shoot it from deep but make sure he is not forcing it.

“My shooting has really improved just through reps. I don’t want to rely on my jump shot but if I am open than I am going to take it.”

Overall the rising senior is pleased with how his summer is going, “My summer has been going well, I have been playing on the Under Armour Circuit with DC Premier and to also be able to catch some live periods with my high school and playing in a system that I am comfortable with, it has been going really well.”

This year is his first year playing with DC Premier and is enjoying it.

“It is my first year with them so I am kind of new but I got comfortable with them and it is a really good coaching staff. They play me in a way I love to be played, playing inside out and just using my advantages on the floor.”

On the high school side of things he is hoping to become one of the main leaders on his talented National Christian team.

 “Coming in with a lot of new guys, I am trying to be a leader. So when guys have questions and different people don’t understand something, I want to be the guy that they come to first.”

The newly installed June live period helped him see an increase in his recruitment as two high major schools started contacting him, “Recruitment is going well, I have recently heard from Georgia and Pittsburgh, I plan on taking some unofficial visits soon and once school starts back up, I will look to start taking officials.”

He briefly discussed some of the schools showing interest in him.

Pittsburgh: “They like my versatility, they want to see me pick up my motor so that is something I am working on everyday. Overall, they just like how I play, outside and in and they think I can do a lot with my size.”

Georgia: “I heard from Coach Scott, they said a lot of the same things as Pitt. The SEC is high level so they just want me to pick up my motor and just do what I do well and work on the other things like ball handling, shooting and playing hard at all times.”

Towson: “It is a great school and they are in a great conference. They definitely have a family atmosphere and it is a place where I am wanted so all of that plays a major role especially when it is a place I can play early on.”

Rhode Island: “It is a great program and I was really excited when they offered me. They are in the A10 and the A10 is a great conference and I appreciate the support they show me so it is definitely a school I will take into consideration.”