Posted On: 07/10/19 5:00 AM

Glenelg Country’s offense ran like a well oiled machine at DMV Live II last month, and Noah Charles was the primary reason why. Charles played with great pace, got others involved and played tremendous defense on the other end.

“I think it’s a very underrated part of my game,” said Charles of his defense. “I really take it personal guarding the point guard. It doesn’t really matter whoever it is. I think can come out and lock up anybody who I face.”

Another underrated aspect of his game is his court vision. When Charles sees a teammate open in transition, he will quickly deliver the ball in time for what usually becomes an easy shot attempt. Despite the fact that he plays fast, Charles understands the nuances of running an efficient offense. 

“There’s a shot clock, so you want to get in your offense quicker, but you want to keep running it through,” he said. “All the way through to the end of the shot clock. Work the defense and then just get buckets.”

Charles is becoming a more consistent shooter. He says he tries to get up at least 500 attempts per day to maintain consistency. And off the court, Charles has a 3.5 GPA. Several Division Two and Division Three programs have expressed interest, but he is yet to receive any division one offers.

What factors are important to Charles when considering schools? 

“Just the best fit for me really. Mostly a school that keeps it family. A culture that’s good. I want a coach that will really push me and get the best out of me.”