Posted On: 07/17/19 2:00 PM

As a scout, I believe that seeing a player multiple times is the only way to start to get a real evaluation of a guy, especially a young one. When I heard of a young point guard named Kanye Clary ripping it up for Princess Anne, just a few miles from where I grew up in Virginia Beach, I knew I needed to watch him.

I got a couple glimpses of him during AAU and saw a lot of things that I liked. He was a small but shifty guard who seemed to have a lot of heart and toughness. As always, it’s nice to see them in different environments, so when I got to watch PA at the University of Richmond Team Camp, I took the chance to catch up with him.

When asked how the camp was going, he didn’t even get into his individual play, he wanted to talk about the team.

“It’s been a pretty good camp, we’ve played some good teams,” he said. “We dropped some bad ones, I feel like we are one of the better teams here 

The team aspect was a big point of emphasis throughout the interview, and it’s a part of what Clary is trying to change about himself and his game. After lighting up the Beach District and being one of the best freshman in an area loaded with talented young guards, he says he wants to put more emphasis on the team and working to get better with them this year.

“My freshman year I was more about me than I was my team,” Clary admitted. “I can take that and say that this year I’m going to be more of a leader, a point guard that gets my teammates involved but can also get points at any time.”

However, for the team to be at their best, Clary is going to have to boogie, but I saw the total package of him at the team camp. He looks like he’s grown a few inches to about 5’10”-5’11” and he’s growing into his body nicely. He’s very shifty off the bounce and has a quick first step that allows him to get by defenders, he has a nice array of finishes around the basket and he has good feel and vision.

According to him, it’s also his mindset that allows him to make plays the way he does.

“I’m a tough and crafty point guard that can score when you need me to. I can still pass, play defense, I’m very energetic and I just love to play.”

While he’s dominating kids older than him already, Clary is still keen to the fact that he knows he needs to continue to improve, especially with the way this game is being played by point guards now.

“I need to improve my athleticism and jumper. I can shoot the spot three pretty well but I need to get better at shooting on the move.”

The kid has a lot of swagger and moxy for someone so young, and he isn’t bashful about it. He believes he can compete with the best of the best, and no matter who is put in front of him he’s going right at them. He claims he’s already part of the elite in the area.

“Best guards in the 75?” He laughed as I asked. “I was said I’m right up there at the top, if not the best. I feel like every time I step on the court I can go at anybody on any given day.”

While it will still take time to unfold, Clary is a part of a very talented group of 2022 guards in the 757. It will be fun to see them all compete against each other for years to come, and if he keeps growing and improving he’s going to be a guy you hear a lot more about moving forward.

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