Posted On: 07/9/19 1:58 PM

Van Meter has one of the state’s most skilled young point guards with 5-foot-10 rising sophomore Chris Schreck. 

We first saw the savvy and skilled floor general last March as the starting point guard for the Bulldogs at the state tournament. He’s one of the 50 rising sophomore players to be included the inaugural Class of 2022 prospect rankings.  

It’s Schreck’s ability to handle the ball and pass that makes him a true point guard threat. 

“I think my main strength is my decision-making and being able to get my teammates open looks. The main thing I do is handle the ball and set up the offense, and I can shoot the ball pretty well,” said Schreck. 

“I definitely need to get a little bigger, so I’ve been working on getting bigger and stronger. And I’ve been working on my shot, trying to always get that better.”

After starting out with JV last season, Schreck was able to gain his confidence before being called up to play with the varsity for the final 12 games. There, he continued to gain confidence as the season unfolded. 

“It really helped with my teammates supporting me and they helped with my confidence by letting me know I could help the team compete and make it to state,” said Schreck. 

Since last season ended, he’s been busy playing in grassroots tourneys with both Central Iowa Young Guns and Tryon Gym. He also played freshman baseball, and spent June playing in team camps with the Bulldogs. 

Adding strength and honing his jumper have been areas of emphasis. 

“I’ve mainly just been trying to get into the weight room as much as possible and getting as many shots up as I can,” said Schreck, who’s looking to have a much larger role with Van Mater next winter. 

“I think we have a really good chance to be very good next year. We did lose two of our main scorers, but we got a lot of guys coming in.”

He added: “Next year I’ll have to score a little bit more and just be a little bit better and make more of an impact with the team.”