Posted On: 07/1/19 5:01 AM

In a showcase setting like Saturday’s OHSBCA event, we shift our scouting lens. It’s simply not the same as high school or AAU basketball.

You’re sharing the court with other highly touted recruits, guys you’ve never played with, and star players from Division III programs aren’t asked to make every play. Heck you might be All-State and you’re starting games on the bench.

So, it should be noted: the setting ain’t for everybody. Some guys didn’t have their best day. And guess what? It’s not a huge deal. Certain skill-sets and personalities don’t lend themselves to this environment. And (most of) the coaches and scouts in attendance are taking a holistic approach to your evaluation — one that involves showcases, high school, AAU ball, and more.

Also, a “good” day doesn’t necessarily mean you averaged 20 points in the 5-on-5 sessions. Players made this list because they flashed a new skill, a small school kid may have finished in traffic against D-I bigs once or twice, defended against high-caliber athletes, or showed that they can play with other stars — the type of kids they’ll share the court with in college. 

OK, let’s get into it already…

Top Three 5-on-5 Performers

Tyler Eberhart (2020) | 6-7 PF | Kenton Ridge / Mid Ohio Pumas (Sullivan)

Eberhart displayed the skillset that makes him such an intriguing prospect. He grabbed defensive boards and brought the ball up the floor, even scoring it on the same possession. Dropped in a couple 3-pointers. Good feel for the game as a passer. Eberhart also created several mid-range scoring looks from the perimeter.

Trey Robinson (2020) | 6-6 SF | Hamilton / Apex Gold

Robinson proved to be a scoring threat in a slow- and fast-paced game. His size, fluidity, and scoring touch was a handful in the open floor. Robinson’s handle has also progressed which has unlocked his shot-creation ability from the wing.

Max Land (2020) | 6-5 SF | Moeller / Manimal Elite

Land continues to blow me away in June. His leaping ability inside allows him to finish in a congested paint. Scores on the attack but also on creative pull-aways after a jump stop. Land surveys the floor well and knows when (and when not to) attack the basket depending on floor spacing. Talks on the court.


5-on-5 Standouts

Nate Johnson (2021) | 6-3 PG | Lakota East / Team Flyght

Johnson combines athleticism and patience better than most guards his age — very mature player. Flashed passing ability in hitting a couple cutters and he’ll occasionally try to squeeze one into a tight window. He’s special around the basket as a finisher and rebounder.

Aidan Reichert (2021) | 6-4 PF | Jackson Center / Shining Star

Competitor. Reichert’s motor is his best asset. Yes, even better than the promising lefty jumper and his length. Reichert scored points by beating guys up the floor and to loose ball rebounds. He has the mobility and length to defend wings.

Khalil Davis (2020) | 6-1 G | Princeton / Apex Gold

Davis stood-out because of his defense. Beats guys to spots, often shutting slashers off before a second dribble. In the past, he has shown instincts as a help-side defender, too. Shot his left-handed jumper confidently and is showing progress in that area.

Will McCracken (2021) | 6-4 SF | Moeller / Indiana Elite

Ignited his group with energy. McCracken understands that crashing the glass, constantly cutting hard, and locking up on defense will keep him on the floor. The athletic wing uses his quickness to stay in front of quick guards. Confidently shot the 3-pointer, too.

Grant Whisman (2020) | 6-7 PF | Middletown Madison / C2K Elite

Whisman’s activity and effectiveness around the basket was a pleasant surprise. He snuck into the lane on clever flash cuts to the block and scored a physical put-back, too. Whisman is moving better and showing more pieces to his game.

Alex Williams (2021) | 6-4 F | Moeller / C2K Elite

Williams has layers upon layers to his game. After shooting the ball very well in the morning 3-on-3 session, he displayed playmaking ability in the full game setting. Instinctual player who makes quick, smart decisions. Endless impact on the game.

Curtis Harrison (2020) | 6-7 PF | Seven Hills / Apex Gold

Harrison’s quickness on his first step and straight-line-drives proved to be a mismatch against forwards. He also displayed prolific leaping ability on finishes.

DeAirius Randle-Barker (2020) | 6-0 G | Princeton / Apex Gold

Randle-Barker looked like he belonged playing against Ohio’s best guards. He was able to get to the basket and make plays. Made a few advanced passes with a live dribble. Added a catch-and-shoot 3-pointer.

Jackson Ames (2020) | 6-11 C | West Clermont / Manimal Elite

An overwhelming figure around the basket because of his size, Ames dominated for stretches. Nobody in attendance could keep him away from the basket. Ames is really good at scoring without ever putting the ball on the floor, rather just taking a simple step-through towards the rim and finishing over the top.

Colby Cross (2020) | 5-10 PG | Cedarville / Mid Ohio Pumas (Sullivan)

Cross is way quicker than we gave him credit for. And it helps him on both ends of the floor in a major way. Defensively, he was able to shut off guys who tried to take him off the dribble. He also contested shots impressively. Offensively, Cross has become a more dynamic shot-creator and has really improved on his ability to shoot with motion off the bounce — great elevation and rhythm on pull-ups.


3-on-3 Standouts

Aidan Reichert (2021) | 6-4 PF | Jackson Center / Shining Star

Reichert was a key cog on his team of three because of his activity as a screener and rebounder. Effective left-hand finishing, too.

Alex Williams (2021) | 6-4 F | Moeller / C2K Elite

Williams showed off potent shooting ability. Made jumpers with range and off the dribble.

Logan Duncomb (2021) | 6-9 C | Moeller / Indiana Elite

Duncomb’s standing reach allows him to shoot it over the top of other 5s. He is covering more space on help-side as he becomes more nimble.