Posted On: 07/23/19 6:00 AM

What 2021 prospects from the state of Illinois will be attending the PrepHoops Circuit Hard Work Regional Finals this weekend in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 26-28?  There will be over 50 prospects ranked in the current PHI Top 175 for the 2021 class at the event!  Makes it a must attend event for D2, D3, NAIA, and JUCO programs recruiting the state.

Below are the top 2021 ranked prospects that will be attending the event!

For a full schedule of the event here is the link:


Point Guards

Caleb Horton (Team RWA)
Shane Miller (Capital City Teamwork)
Terrance Moncrief (Illinois T-Wolves)
Ethyn Brown (Southwest Jets)
Jhei-R Jones (Illinois T-Wolves)
Max Rivera (HIT)
Michael Ousley (Capital City Teamwork)
Jamari Ward (Team RWA)
Tai Walters (Team RWA)
Tommy Craven (HIT)
Antonio Hughes (Illinois T-Wolves)
Trenton Tucker (Illinois Badgers)
Parker Higginbottom (Chicago Demons)
Jamarkus Gary (Southwest Jets)
Caleb Valentine (Southwest Jets)
J Brewer (Illinois Future)
Cameron Lewis (Illinois Jaguars)




Jaiden Lee (Illinois T-Wolves)
Odin Lium (HIT)
Tyler Van Eekeren (HIT)
Andrew Johnson (Illinois T-Wolves)
Quani Rudd (Southwest Jets)
Emaryon Byrd (Peoria Area Elite)
Jaden Terrell (Team RWA)
Cameron Mallory (Illinois T-Wolves)
Kenton Pryor (Team RWA)
AJ Smith (Southwest Jets)
Connor Barnett (Iowa Mavs)
AJ Coleman (Team RWA)
Ryan Sucha (Team RWA)
Jerry Abushanab (ET21 Buckeyes)
TJ Price (Capital City Teamwork)
Cle’Shon Phipps (Illinois Badgers)
Doshawn Meyers (Capital City Teamwork)
Brennan Syas (Team RWA)
Brennan Weller (Southwest Jets)
Brandon Burns (Fundamental U)
Lequan Washington (The Work Foundation)
Myles Olagbegi (Illinois T-Wolves)
Angelo Ognianov (HIT)
Alfonso Bailey (Full Package)




Ola Ajiboye (Team RWA)
Brian Mathews (HIT)
Grant Johnson (HIT)
Luke Moustakas (Chicago Lockdown)
Shaun Riley (Southwest Jets)
Ashawn Burbridge (Illinois T-Wolves)
Luke Braman (HIT)
Ben Eberlin (Southwest Jets)
Ahamad Tims (Team RWA)
James Ogrodnik (ET21 Buckeyes)
Daine Hanson (Illinois T-Wolves)
Michael Rheinten (ET21 Buckeyes)
Jacob Folkerts (ET21 Buckeyes)
Stanley Adams (The Work Foundation)
Aaron McQueen (Illinois Jaguars)
Tyvin Garrison (Capital City Teamwork)