Posted On: 07/31/19 11:55 AM

Tomorrow is August 1st and begins the time of the recruiting calendar that is the least productive of any. The Fall is so difficult with so few opportunities to get, not only on the floor, but in front of college coaches.

One of the few ways outside of camps (you should sign up for the Prep Hoops Top 250 and use the Code: Gardner) is to get on college campuses for Elite Camps.  We have put together a list of those in-state that are happening. 

Part of the reason this is a good opportunity is because it is typically a smaller setting with less prospects and a more intimate setting to get to know the coaches. They are more apt to talk with players and get to know them.

This is best for incoming juniors and seniors but still something that can help any age group. The key is to pick the right one. Know you level. Know what is a realistic school or the easiest to possibly pick up an offer. 

Here is the list of options this Fall for Elite Camps:

Holy Cross – August 3rd-4th

Valparaiso – August 3rd

Goshen – August 3rd

Wabash – August 4th

Marian – August 18th

Purdue – August 24th 

Indiana Wesleyan – August 24th

Purdue-Fort Wayne – August 25th 

Indianapolis – August 25th 

Saint Francis – TBD in September

Anderson – TBD in October