Posted On: 06/26/19 1:20 PM

Music and Basketball are two of my favorite things to watch or listen to. Today I combined both worlds in my article regarding five players regardless of class that I would choose if I was making a band/basketball team.

Lead Singer

Jamal Shead | 6’1” | PG | Asak Elite | 2020

A band is nothing without a lead vocalist that can set the tone on any stage he or she performs on. That’s why if I had to build a team Jamal Shead would be my point guard because he’ll set the tone on both ends of the floor with his hounding defense and ability to create for others at a high level. 

The Producer

Keyonte George | 6’3” | SG | Drive Nation | 2022

Keyonte George is like a music producer on the court because he does things in a variety of ways that are efficient and highly effective offensively.

Piano Player

Harrison Ingram  | 6’7” | SF | YGC 36 | 2021

Piano players are smooth, calm and always under control and that’s Harrison Ingram’s playing style on the basketball court. The versatile wing can bring the ball up and run your offense at the top of the key or score off the bounce with the ball in his hands.


Greg Brown | 6’8” | PF | Texas Titans | 2020

When I think of Greg Brown as a basketball player, I think of electrifying in the open court, energetic, mobile, coordinated and fun to watch. Brown does things in a guitar player fashion because he grabs your attention with all of the loud plays he makes on both sides of the floor.


Jonathan Aku | 6’10” | C | Texas Impact | 2020

Every successful band needs a percussionist that can beat up the drums with rhythm and strength. Jonathan Aku plays the game in a similar fashion by rebounding, blocking shots and finishing plays near the basket at a high rate.