Posted On: 06/19/19 11:00 AM

Myles Stute helped himself with a strong showing at Top-100 Camp in Charlottesville last week. He has since picked up new offers from Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, Iowa, and Iowa State as a result. During a recent interview with Prep Hoops, Stute described the development of his overall game and discussed his recruitment.

PH: Talk about your first experience at Top-100 Camp. How’s it been for you?

MS: “It’s been really fun for me personally. I like the guys I’m playing with and the competition is second to none. I definitely feel myself getting better, and making new reads I haven’t made before. So I feel like I’m having fun and getting better.”

PH: You’re shooting it really well this week. How does that help your overall game?

MS: “When my shot falls and I get into a rhythm, my overall game picks up completely. I feel more confident when my shot starts falling.”

PH: Who do you model your game after?

MS: “I really love Kawhi Leonard. I take a lot of things he does defensively. Especially on the perimeter. I feel like I’m developing my perimeter defense this summer. And on the offensive side of the ball, I feel like I can be like Jayson Tatum. Maybe a poor man’s Jayson Tatum.”

PH: Where does your recruitment stand right now?

MS: “Michigan recently reached out, but I haven’t really heard from too many other new schools. I’m kind of looking at the schools who’ve offered, starting to take them seriously, see which ones I can see is the best fit for me. Rutgers has been pretty consistent. Also Florida and Clemson.” 

PH: What’s your opinion of Georgetown?

MS: “Love Georgetown. I feel like it’s a great fit for me. I’m definitely looking to take an official there soon, Before the summer is over.”

PH: What other schools have you visited?

MS: “I haven’t visited too many schools yet. I’m looking to change that this summer, but my last visit was my official to UPenn.”

PH: What did you think of Penn?

MS: “I loved it. The Quakers, I like the offense they run, it’s more of a European style. I love the coach, all the players over there are great. An Ivy League degree is second to none.”

PH: What is Rutgers saying to you right now?

MS: “I can come in and be an impact player really. They’re not guaranteeing anything of course, but they’re just saying they love my game, thy love the way I play, my motor, and they think I can be a really good fit for the Big Ten.”

PH: What do you think about the coaching staff so far?

MS: “I like them a lot from my first impression. I know Coach Karl Hobbs really well, but I feel like if I start to get a better relationship with the head coach then it would be really good.”

PH: How about Clemson?

MS: “Love Clemson, good ACC group. I’m hoping to visit there soon. The academic side isn’t necessarily as strong as some of my other offers, but that doesn’t mean I’m not considering them highly. I love that program.”

PH: What factors are important in your decision?

MS: “I want to have the best fit. Good academics and good basketball. I feel like that’s the best fit for me.”

PH: What is the timetable for your decision?

MS: “I’m not sure right now when I plan to sign or commit, but I don’t feel like I’ll be be a late signing.”

Myles Stute is currently ranked by Prep Hoops as a top-15 prospect in his class. To view the full ranking of Maryland and DC’s 2020 class, click here.