Conference Preview
OK Blue Conference Preview

Posted On: 06/7/19 11:00 AM

The point guard position has been in good hands over the past few years at Flint Hill, and that trend should continue as Saxby Sunderland prepares to take the helm. Sunderland gained good experience learning from the likes of Jordan Hairston and Ethan Jones during the past high school season.

“Iron sharpens Iron. Coach always says it,” Sunderland said of his battles with the older guards. “During practice, we would wrestle, they purposely went at me to prepare me for the next year.”

At 6-foot-2, 165 pounds, Sunderland has more size than those who played his position at the school in recent years. He is currently working on getting stronger and athletic as his body continues to develop.

“I don’t try to model my game after anybody, but if I watch someone it’s Damian Lillard, DeAngelo Russell, or Devin Booker,” he said. “How they attack off screens and how they lead. I’ve just got to continue working on my leadership skills.”

Sunderland described transitioning back to high school in June after going through a busy AAU schedule this spring. 

“The transition has been good,” he explained. “AAU has less structure. You’ve got to be able to play with more structure in high school. It’s a slower game.”

Off the court, Sunderland is handling his business. He’s maintaining all A’s and B’s in a challenging academic environment. His on-court goals involve winning the MAC and VISAA Championship during the upcoming season. Sunderland also hopes to make the All-MAC team. What will need to happen in order to accomplish those goals?

“We need to get in the gym together and start working on our chemistry. I feel like with the guys we have, we can do it.”