Posted On: 06/5/19 11:00 AM

As we continue to learn more about the local 2021 class, Erik Reynolds of Bullis stands out among his peers as one of the most consistent prospects. One thing that you have to admire about Reynolds is his willingness to give everything defensively while contributing efficiently on offense. During a recent interview with Prep Hoops, he described transitioning back to high school this month after spending the spring with Team Takeover.

“It’s completely different,” he began. “AAU you do things a little bit faster. You come here, you have to slow things down and get back into that high school feeling. Back into that system. That’s the main difference.”

During the Capitol Hoops Summer League, Bullis has done a tremendous job sharing the ball, and are playing well as a result. The Bulldogs are currently 2-0 and have two players listed among the assist leaders. 

“Every game our coach emphasized ball movement to get easier buckets,” Reynolds stated. “That’s what we’ve been doing. We’ve seen that it works so that’s what we’ve been trying to do.”

In the classroom, Reynolds is maintaining all A’s and B’s. He says that Bullis can be challenging, but not so much if you use your time wisely. We will know more about Reynolds’ recruitment on June 15 when D1’s are permitted to contact 2021’s directly. Don’t be surprised if he picks up a few offers around this time. 

Reynolds says his current areas of focus are defense, scoring, talking more, and becoming more of a leader. 

“My favorite player is Dwyane Wade,” Reynolds said when asked if there’s anyone he models his game after. “Even though he just retired. If you look at his game, the only thing he does is attack the rim. He shoots when he has open shots. He just gets people jumping, makes the crowd go wild for real. That’s what I like about him. He has that energy.”

What are some goals that Reynolds has set for himself?

“Push to get better. Trying to get my handle a little better. That’s my main goal. Probably shoot a little better too.”

Erik Reynolds is currently ranked by Prep Hoops as a top-10 prospect in his class. To view the full ranking of Maryland and DC’s 2021 class, click here.