Posted On: 06/3/19 5:08 PM

Check out some standouts of the 2019 NW Championship Tournament at Mt Rainier High-school in Washington, featuring some of the top AAU programs from all over the Northwest!

#23 SF Darius Bailey, Tacoma Swish C/O 2021:

High motor player offensively and defensively looking to get rebounds non-stop all game. An athletic player that primarily sticks in the middle to low post and can go up with contact and get inside buckets. Darius moved around the post sneakily to get open and was able to get a lot of good shots inside by hovering along the baseline. His lengthy arms allowed him to compete against tall players in the post. Although he is 6’1, he plays like he is 6’5 or taller. Once he develops a confident 3 point shot, he will be a lethal player on offense. 

#7 SG Curtiz Carter, Tacoma Swish C/O 2021:

Dominant three-point shooter. Manipulates defenders well with shot fakes to get open space to shoot threes. His shot looks like it has been developed into something that feels comfortable and accurate. He jabs aggressively at defenders to create space and moves along the three-point line well to get open. Moves around the ark with the ball as players drive the ball. Has to work on better footwork on defense to stay in front of quicker players. Also should learn to shot fake and attack to the basket occasionally to throw defenders off.

#2 PG Joshua Wood, Team Flight Black C/O 2022:

An excellent speedy point guard that sees the floor well on both ends. His speed and creativity with the ball allows him to get around defenders quickly and drive and kick, creating plenty of shots for his teammates. I was impressed with his structured shot form, something many younger players do not possess.

#3 PG Jeremy Beckwith, Team Flight Black C/O 2022:

Solid guard with superb court vision. Knows how to slow down and speed up the game when necessary; floor general. Jeremy displayed a strong set of ball handling skills manipulating defenders. He drove the ball well and kicked out to his open teammates. His swift feet helped him to stay in front of defenders on defense. Rarely allowed inside drives on defense.

#8 PG Jace McKarcher, Sanity (Idaho) C/O 2022:

Outstanding shot from beyond the ark. Plays similar to a combo-like guard. Has quick footwork which allows him to have a slashing mentality offensively. Jace played solid defense and stayed in front of players well throughout the tournament. High IQ on offense looking to get the best shot for himself or teammates. Possesses strong ball-handling skills too. Developing a reliable mid-range and floater game is the next move for Jace to acquire.

#21 SG Titus Yearout, Sanity (Idaho) C/O 2022:

Pure mid-range and three-point shooter. Looked to attack and get to the rim while distributing the ball well off the drive. Recognized open lanes well on offense. Was reliable in creating space from defenders by jabbing and redirecting the defense with ball fakes. Needs to improve on his catching and shooting ability.


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