Posted On: 06/26/19 7:05 AM

2022 PG Scoota Henderson (Kell)- It is only right that Henderson is the first player mentioned in this article. He went to work throughout the spring with Game Elite Big 5 and had a coming out party this past weekend. In Kell’s matchup against Grayson, Henderson was the best player on the floor and produced throughout the game on the way to a statement victory. Henderson finished with 16 points, 10 rebounds, and 4 assists in the game, attacking every single time an opportunity presented itself. If it wasn’t for a few missed FT’s and some shots that should have went down, he could have ended up with 25-30 points against a Top 50 2020 PG. Henderson got downhill and created off penetration at will; he did not get too deep when there was traffic, pulling up for jumpers and hitting open teammates. He rebounded at a high rate, ignited the break, and was a blur getting to the rim. Offers from GT, Florida, Ole Miss, and FSU have been extended as a result of his play. This dynamic PG is just getting started.

2022 G Chase Cormier (St. Pius)- Having already proven himself as one of the top 2022 prospects in the state this winter with St. Pius, and while playing with the 2021 Celtics spring, Cormier looks determined to take things to another level in 2019-2020. With the departure of so many seniors, he is now the focal point of the offense and will have the ball in his hands much more. This aspect allowed him to further prove that he’s more than just a shooter, which he did throughout the spring. Cormier has a nice handle that he uses to get in the lane and he has a variety of finishes from 8 feet and in. His play was noticed by many last weekend; Kennesaw State quickly extended an offer on Friday night, Texas A&M and UGA were among the other schools that came to watch him as well. Carrying such a heavy load this winter will allow Cormier to grow a lot and show all that he is capable of.

2023 PG Isaiah Collier (Wheeler)- In a big matchup with Discovery, Collier looked comfortable and confident against older competition, having a nice game in Wheeler’s victory. He finished with 10 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 assists, showing why he is one of the most promising young prospects you will watch. Collier plays with calmness and poise that you don’t even see from some senior guards. He isn’t bashful at all; Collier looked to make his presence felt throughout the game. Collier is a crafty finisher who is smooth with the ball in his hands, playing with impressive pace and control. He has already learned to use his body also. There were multiple times where Collier got into defenders and bumped off them for shots. He looked quite confident from mid-range, hitting a few and taking a few that seemed like they wee going to fall. Collier will be tested early and often in his high school career in an extremely tough region, but he looks to be up for the challenge.

2022 SG Dylan Wolle (Sequoyah)- He may not get a ton of shots and touches on a Sequoyah team with 3 solid senior guards, but Wolle has proven to be a consistent contributor and important piece for the Chiefs this month. Wolle takes advantage of nearly every opportunity he gets; I’ve seen Sequoyah about 5 times in June and I think he has knocked down multiple jumpers in each game. His form is picture-perfect and each of his shots look like they are going to fall. Wolle came into Sequoyah’s big games against Greenforest and Pace ready to contribute, and did. He was not tentative at all, playing with confidence and looking to make an impact quickly. Wolle may not put up huge numbers this upcoming season, but once Sequoyah’s 2020 prospects graduate, their region will need to watch out.

2022 G DJ Potts-Heard (Woodstock)- I had limited viewing of Potts-Heard heading into the camp, but he blew me away with his performance on Friday night. Without him and Ezekiel Pettway, Woodstock probably would have been blown out. I didn’t get too excited when he first hit a 3 that was probably behind the new college line, but once he hit another, and another, I had no choice but to take notice. Potts-Heard got hot early and stayed hot, hitting 7 3’s in the game and scoring a total of 25 points. He actively looked for shooting opportunities but did not take many bad ones. Potts-Heard looked to score in other ways also; his shooting prowess made defenders fly at him on the perimeter, which set up shots off the dribble. Potts-Heard is skilled with the ball in his hands and is not scared to mix it up inside. I hope to be able to watch him again soon.

2022 W RJ Godfrey (North Gwinnett)– It was disappointing to see Godfrey go down with an injury early in the 2nd half of North Gwinnett’s game on Friday. He was having a terrific showing against Woodstock, putting up 18 points, 4 rebounds, and hitting 2 3’s before getting hurt. Godfrey made a nice first impression on me over Memorial Day weekend when his Game Elite team won a championship. He looked even better Friday, taking on an even bigger role and looking to dominate. Godfrey’s size and versatility allow him to get a lot of things done. He is great running the floor in transition but will also hurt you with his skill handling and shooting the ball. Godfrey plays with exceptional energy on both ends of the floor; his activity and length impact the game on defense and he always seems to be around the ball on offense. He is working his way into a nice spot in Georgia’s 2022 rankings when I first release them at the end of July.

2022 PG Bruce Thornton, 2023 CG Kanaan Carlyle (Milton)- Although I did not Milton last weekend, having seen the Eagles numerous times throughout the month, it was no surprise that Thornton and Carlyle formed a scary young duo at the camp. Thornton was offered by Clemson and Tulane from the weekend, while Carlyle picked up offers from Auburn, Florida, Clemson, and Tulane. The fact that Milton will have these two together in the backcourt for 3 years should strike fear in their 7A opponents.