Posted On: 06/24/19 8:39 PM

Jeremiah Melton (Tyner) brought a nice handle and capable passing to the @PrepHoopsTN Combine.  Melton didn’t force penetration and entrusted his teammates with opportunities.  Hunting down rebounds defensively is an area Melton can improve quite a bit.  He tends to get flat-footed and yield valuable space to offensive rebounders.  

How did Jeremiah measure up?

  • Class of 2021
  • 5’8″
  • Wingspan — 5’11 1/2″
  • Height w/ shoes — 5’9 3/4″
  • Hand Span — 10.0″
  • Hand Length — 8 11/12″
  • 3/4 court sprint — 3.69
  • Summer Combine Ranking — #29

NBA Stylistic Comparison: 2016 Nets Jarrett Jack

Jeremiah Melton attends Tyner Academy with fellow campers Jadon Jenkins, and Melique Hambrick.  He did not play for the State Playoff Participating 2017-2018 Tyner varsity as he was still a freshman.  Tyner is known for producing quality guards.  Melton needs make a few advancements to his game to enter that conversation. 

Melton’s instincts to hunt the basketball at all junctures.  Perhaps he plays point guard typically.  In an environment presented Saturday at Cleveland High School Melton needed to move better without the basketball.  His handles are slightly above average for his age.  Turnovers are not common for the assured guard.  

Possibly Melton is able to keep a tight handle on the basketball because he owns a couple of bear paws for hands.  The hands of Melton measured 10.0″ from thumb to pinky tip, when fanned out.  For frame of reference the 2019 NBA Combine measured 70 draft-ready players this month.  Just 12 of them featured hands wider than Jeremiah Melton and all of those men were 6-foot-3 or taller.  He is 5-foot-8.

In the skills department few players passed better than Melton.  He delivered quick, early passes to fellow guards and that sharpness helped them slash urgently before the defenders rotated.  Melton gave his 5 vs. 5 team multiple easy opportunities.