Posted On: 06/26/19 3:43 PM

Long overdue, the Class of 2021 Player Rankings (Tennessee) are now fresh as the bakery’s first batch. Fitting because the top dozen players are all guards, whether that means wing guard or point guard. Alex Anderson and Kennedy Chandler hopped above former #1 prospect Randy Brady after fantastic sophomore seasons.  Kennedy and his Briarcrest Christian team dethroned Randy Brady (PrepHoopsTN #3) and Brentwood Academy in the State Championship Game. Alex Anderson finished with 21 points and 5 rebounds in the Division II-A State Championship Game.  It was easily the furthest advancement in program history.


Star point guard Kennedy Chandler climbed from #7 to #2.

Remember the player rankings on are projections of a player’s ceiling. They do not reflect the current prowess.

Oftentimes, guards develop faster and earlier than bigs. For this reason guards tend to be more complete players at younger ages. This does not mean that same guard will be more productive at their peak than that same forward. David Dixon and Sabino Otira are two players far from reaching their potential, but that potential earns them higher rankings than many currently thriving guards.

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