Posted On: 06/6/19 2:52 PM

The 15u South Dakota Venom continued an excellent spring with SD Heat championship in Sioux Falls. 


RankTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious Week
1Pentagon Schoolers Daly10-6ND Phenom Regional (+31), Inspired Athletics May (+29), ECI Prospects (x2),ECI Prospects (-4), Fury Wilde (-20)1
2SD Attack8-5Heat Mac (+7)Fury Wilde (-28)2
3South Dakota Venom Fisher13-4BBA Reese (+21)Fury Wilde x2 (-2, -8), Heat Mac (-14)4
4ECI Prospects13-7ND Attack Green (+10), Pentagon Schoolers Daly (+4), ND Attack Blue, ECI Cummings (+5)Pentagon Schoolers Daly (x2), Heat Mac (-14), SW Stars (-3), Fury Wilde (-37)3
5ECI Cummings14-5ECI Labeau (x2), Pentagon Schoolers Thorsen (x2)ECI Prospects (-5)5
6ECI Labeau13-7Pentagon Schoolers Thorson (+11)ECI Select Cummings (x2), ND Attack Blue (-11)6
7BBA Venom - Fechner9-4ND Phenom Regional7
8Pentagon Schoolers Thorsen11-8ND Attack Blue (+3), SH Kahler (+6)ECI Select Cummings (x2), ECI Select Lebeau (-11)12
9BBA Reese7-11Sacred Hoops Harming (+6), Inspired Athletics (+3)SD Venom Fisher (-21)8
10Sacred Hoops Harming7-2Sacred Hoops Kahler (+1), ND Attack Blue (+10)BBA Force - Reese (-6)11
11ND Phenom National3-515
12Inspired Athletics7-13ND Phenom Regional (+5), ND Attack GreenPentagon Schoolers Daly, ND Attack Green (-8), BBA Reese (-3)9
13Dakota Niners4-3SH Mergen (+10), SH Hieb (+6)17
14ND Attack Green8-8Inspired Athletics (+8), ND Attack Blue (+11)ECI Prospects (-10), Inspired Athletics10
15ND Attack Blue8-9Team Brandon, ECI LaBeau (+11)Pentagon Schoolers Thorsen (-3), Sacred Hoops Harming (-10), ECI Prospects, ND Attack Green (-11)13
16Sacred Hoops Kahler3-5Sacred Hoops Harming (-1), Schoolers Thorson (-6)14
17ND Phenom Regional3-12Pentagon Schoolers Daly, Inspired Athletics May (-5), SD Venom Fech16
18Sacred Hoops Mergen2-5SH Smith (+9)Dakota Niners18
19Sacred Hoops Smith2-5SH HiebSH Mergen19
20Sacred Hoops Hieb1-6SH Smith, Dakota Niners20