Posted On: 06/6/19 2:09 PM

Minnesota Select Davis knocked off E1Ti in the NHR State Tournament last weekend and both teams moved up in the 15u top 25 today. 


RankTeamRecordMN Wins of NoteMN Losses of NoteLast Week
1Fury Wilde26-1DTA, Team Factory Gold, WOTN, Comets Stumpf (x2), Heat Mac, Wisconsin Crusaders (+22), Fury K, Heat GrowTeam Factory Gold (-9)1
2D1 Minnesota15-6Magic Elite J, Wisconsin Crusaders (+16)2
3Howard Pulley Black18-5Phenom/Prodigy Elite, Team Factory Black (x2), Crossfire Baker (x2), Suns3
4Select Davis23-6Comets G (x2), Crossfire, Mpls Hawks, Fury K, SW Stars, SW Stars, WOTN, Heat Mac, E1T1D1mnP, Comets Stumpf4
5E1T119-2Lightning Ellerbusch, Fury K, WOTN E, Comets G, Comets P, Select Rush, FAB , Grit, ExposureSelect Davis5
6Comets Stumpf15-6Heat Grow, SW MN Stars (x2), D1mnP, Heat Mac (x2), Select Davis, Exposure, Comets P, Fury KFury Wilde (x2), WOTN (x2)6
7Heat MacDonald16-8Lightning L, Get Shook, DTA 14s, SW Stars, WOTN, ExposureComets Stumpf (x2), Fury Wilde, Select Davis7
8WOTN Erickson14-11Playmakers Bemidji, Comets Stumpf (x2), SW Stars, Rise, ThunderFury Wilde, Select Davis, Heat Mac, E1T18
9D1 MN Prospects21-8Crossfire T, Select Davis, FAB, WOTN Renta, North Tartan, Heat Grow, Exposure, Lace Up, Comets G, MagicGet Shook, Comets Elite, DTA 14s (x2), AIA (-3), Crossfire Barker9
10MN Lightning Ellerbusch17-4Comets G, Select Rush, ThunderAIA (-17), E1T110
11Team Get Shook18-11Rise, D1mnP, North Tartan, HP Maxey, Select E 16s, Select A 16sHeat MacDonald, HP 14s, 11
12Fury Kaupa14-10Suns, Crossfire T, Mid-MN Attack (x2), Phenom, Heat Grow, Heat Unger, Rise, Exposure, CrownSelect Davis, Heat Grow, Fury Wilde, Comets Elite, E1T112
13SE MN Thunder15-6Crown, Jazz (x2), Comets P (x2), Heat Grow, RiseExposure, Lightning Eller, WOTN E13
14North Tartan13-8Playmakers Bemidji, Exposure, PhenomD1mnP, Get Shook14
15MN Exposure17-9SE Thunder, Crossfire Baker (x2), Rush, WOTN R, Heat Grow, Magic WilliamsNorth Tartan, D1mnP, Fury K, Comets Elite, Heat Mac, e1t116
16Gain Elite10-11Comets Gagner, WOTN RentaDTA 14s15
17Magic Elite Williams9-9Rise, Crossfire, Comets G, WOTN RFury K, Exposure, D1mnP17
18Jerry Gamble FAB10-6WOTN Renta, Comets G, Rip City, Stars, JazzD1mnP, E1T119
19Howard Pulley Blue7-8Crossfire TerhaarGet Shook21
20Crown Elite11-7Select Rush, WOTN Renta, SW Stars, Comets PMN Rush, SE Thunder, Fury K, Lightning E22
21MN Rise16-12Heat Grow, WOTN Renta, Rip City, RushSuns, Get Shook, Magic Elite Williams, Jazz, SE Thunder, Fury K, WOTN E, Heat G23
22Mid-MN Attack11-4Lightning L, Heat Grow, WC Wildcats, SW Stars, Fury K (x2)24
23Heat Grow12-12Crossfire T, WC Wildcats E, Fury K, Rise, GritRise, Comets Elite, MidMN Attack, D1mnP, Thunder, Fury K, Fury Wilde, Exposure25
24MN Grit10-10Select M, Rip City, LaceUpWOTN Renta, SW Stars, Heat E, Crossfire Baker, Heat Grow,E1T1NR
25Crossfire Barker17-13MN Rush, Suns, Select Rush, D1mnPExposure (x2), Magic Willams, Rise, H Pulley (x2), All-In, Select Davis, WOTN 3, Magic J18
Others:SW Mn Stars6-14Mid MN Attack, Crossfire T, GritSelect Davis (x2), Comets Elite (x2), Heat Mac, WOTN, Crown, FAB, W United
Phenom/Prodigy Elite5-10Pulley Black, Fury K, North Tartan
Comets Petermier11-12Mn Rush (x2), SE Thunder (x2), E1T1, Crown, Comets Elite
MN Rush15-7Rip City, Select M, Comets G, Heat UngerCrossfire Baker, Comets P, Rise, Exposure
Comets Gagner16-12Select Rush (x3), Playmakers Bemidji, Rip City, WOTN RMN Rush, Select Davis (x2), Gain Elite, Lightning El, FAB, E1T1, Magic Williams
MN Suns11-14Rise, Lightning L, Lace UpFury K, WOTN Renta, Crossfire Baker, Howard Pulley, HP 14s, Crossfire T, E1T1
Crossfire Terhaar 13-17TC Grind, Lace Up, Heat Unger (x2), Lightning Leary, SunsPulley Blue, Fury K, D1mnP, Heat Grow (x2), Magic W, SW Stars, Magic E, Heat E
MN Lightning Leary9-10TC Grind, WOTN Renta, Rip CityHeat Mac, Suns, Mid-MN Attack (x2), Phenom, Crossfire T, Rise, Comets P
Heat Unger11-16Crown, WOTN RentaAll-In, Crossfire T (x2), Comets G, WOTN Renta, Fury K, Rush, Rise
WC Wildcats10-8Select W, WOTN RentaHeat Engen, Heat Grow, Mid Major Attack, Crossfire T
WOTN Renta10-13Grit, Comets GJazz, Crown, Rise, Gain Elite, Exposure, Lightning Leary,
MN Jazz9-10Select M, WOTN R, Rise, Select RushSE Thunder (x2), WOTN Renta, FAB
Select Rush10-14Heat ECrown Elite, Comets G (x2), DTA 14s, Comets P, E1T1, Crossfire Barker