Posted On: 05/29/19 1:17 PM

Waukee’s sophomore class is shaping up to be one of the best in Iowa, 6-foot-7 small forward Wyatt Heston is among the strikingly big and talented group of 2021 prospects (also Tucker DeVries and Payton Sandfort).

The tall and wiry Heston has been playing very well this spring with Kingdom Hoops’ top 16u squad. It’s his size and ability to shoot the ball that’s made him a versatile defender and dynamic scorer.

“Shooting, passing, post-defense and rebounding is what my role has been with teams, and I’m working my ball-handling and getting stronger, those are things I really need to work on,” said Heston. “And I don’t want to be just a shooter, but I want to be able to defend at a high level.”

Last winter with Waukee, Heston started with the sophomore team for half the season and was moved up and started practicing with the varsity and getting some minutes midway through the year.

Now, he’s continuing to sharpen his skills while playing some of the best competition from around the country with his Kingdom Hoops squad.

“Our spring has been good, but we’ve probably had the toughest schedule in Kingdom Hoops history,” Heston said. “And we don’t really have a true post, so a lot of times I’ll have to guard the other team’s big-man, so that’s kind of what I do in addition to hitting shots.”

With the spring session of the grassroots season now finished, high school team camps with Waukee will take place throughout June. Those will be important events as Heston seeks to prove he can be a key player for the Warriors next season as a junior.

July will be back to the grassroots grind, and it’ll be an important one for Heston and the rest of his Kingdom Hoops Navy guys.

“We started playing better the last tournament, and I’m excited to go into July knowing we can be playing our best,” said Heston. “The biggest tournaments are in July, so I’m excited to see who we can go beat.”

Recruitment: I’ve gotten a few letters and invited to camps and things like that, but that’s it for now,” he said. “I’ve been around people that have been recruited and I’m hoping to gain some coaches’ attention this summer.”