Posted On: 05/16/19 5:00 AM

Kameron Jones, a class of 2021 guard from Evangelical Christian, was responsible for one of the most explosive scoring performances we saw on the circuit this spring. With seemingly little effort, Jones dropped 42 points in a win for Team Thad over District WAWG during UAA III in New Jersey earlier this month. During a recent interview with Prep Hoops, he spoke on his overall game and goals among other topics.

PH: Did anyone in your family play basketball?

KJ: “My mom played, my auntie played. My dad was a baseball player.” 

PH: Do you know your height, weight, and wingspan?

KJ: “6’3, 170, 6’5 wingspan.”

PH: How would you describe your overall game for those who haven’t seen you play?

KJ: “I can score any way. I can get to the goal, I can shoot. People say I can’t go right, but I was born right handed. I can go either way.”

PH: What do you need to work on?

KJ: “Need to work on getting more athletic. Getting stronger, getting faster.”

PH: What’s underrated about your overall game?

KJ: “I can anticipate on defense well. I’m a pretty good on ball defender. I can read a lot of stuff well.”

PH: Anything else you think could be considered underrated?

KJ: I’m always active. When my shot is not falling, I try to help the team any way I can.

PH: What are your goals?

KJ: “Get as high of a GPA as possible. Eventually take care of my mom, take care of my family, play D1 ball, and make it to the NBA.”