Posted On: 05/28/19 12:34 AM

The NCAA has made some big changes to the recruitment scene after the FBI investigations surrounding top prospects, handlers, college coaches and shoe companies. One of the changes the NCAA has attempted to make is getting high school coaches involved with their player’s recruitment process once again. Club coaches have dominated the dynamic between players and college coaches (and still do for anyone that knows the scene) but high school coaches now have another way that they can positively help their student athletes. High school coaches can nominate players for the new June Live Viewing Period Event. 

The Washington Interscholastic Basketball Coaches Association (WIBCA) is holding the first live period in June for Division 1 scouts and college coaches of all levels. This is essentially a showcase style camp for individual players. This is not a team camp or grassroots tournament for club teams. This is a new setup and many parents, players and high school coaches are uneducated, so here are some other important things to know:

  • June 29-30 is the WIBCA D1 Live Event
  • Bellevue College (WA) is the location
  • The event is INVITE ONLY for 2020, 2021 and 2022 prospects
  • High school coaches MUST nominate their players at and fill out the NORTHWEST D1 RECRUITMENT Showcase Nomination Form (Website at bottom of article)
  • Players go through a selection process and committee before they are invited. This may include the green light from a Division 1 coach, WIBCA Player Selection Sub Committee and high school coaches. The idea is that the players attending are potential D1 prospects. 
  • This event will be open to players from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska as apart of the northwest region. Select players from Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Northern California may also be invited and attend the event at Bellevue College. It is worth noting that some state associations have already announced they will not be holding June events due to the controversy and rules limiting many players throughout the country. 
  • Players must attend and play at a school that is apart of an association recognized by the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) ….This excludes multiple nationally ranked high schools that play independently such as Arizona’s Hillcrest Prep or California’s Prolific Prep. Players that attend these schools are not eligible to participate in the WIBCA event or other regional NCAA Live Period events in June. 
  • The WIBCA website claims that there is also a fee to participate, but the amount is not published online. Information on the refund policy is posted on the site listed below. 

For more information, please visit

Once again, high school coaches, please nominate high level players, so no one potentially misses out on an opportunity to play in this event!