Posted On: 05/20/19 7:18 AM

This weekend at Havoc in the Heartland, we really dove into the details on Ohio’s representatives. Between Team Flyght, JH1 Elite, Hopson Elite, and Ohio Buckets, there were several top prospects from Northwest, Central, and Southwest Ohio in attendance. 

Don’t believe me? JH1 Elite 15U and Team Flyght 16U won their age groups, going  combined 11-1. 

Most importantly, though, here were the standout prospects: 

Nate Johnson (2021) | 6-3 G | Team Flyght 16U / Lakota East

Johnson is a remarkably explosive athlete with a strong body and wide frame. He shows flashes when he attacks the basket, as he’s very quick side-to-side and can elevate at an elite level. Goes through defenders with his strong frame. Consistent pull-up when he shoots after one dribble slashing either direction. More than anything, though, Johnson’s athleticism really shines on the defensive end of the floor. Keeps quick guards in front of him and pokes balls loose with quick hands. Plus rebounder.

Steven McCoy (2022) | 5-8 PG | Hopson Elite 15U / Toledo St. Francis

The Hopson Elite new addition provides additional shot-creation and playmaking for an already-talented 15U group out of Toledo. McCoy showed both court vision and outside shooting ability off the bounce. He also stayed active on the defensive end of the floor, a requirement for anybody who wants to stay on the floor for coach Nick Robertson. Compact build with a particularly strong lower body. Bothers guards of a slighter build with his physical defense and is able to beat them to their spots with his quickness.

Nate Houston III (2022) | 5-11 G | Hopson Elite 15U / Rogers

Houston — who is becoming a regular in these weekend recaps — is a kid who can create his own shot every time down the floor. His talent as a scorer, though, is what makes his unselfishness so impressive. Houston consistently gives it up in transition to get the ball up the floor and makes the extra pass. Quick off the ground as a finisher. Very tough kid. Rebounds well for his position.

Sellers Little (2022) | 5-7 PG | Team Flyght 15U / Trotwood

Little is a skilled guard who can score the ball and plays with that patented Trotwood toughness. Finished in traffic with his off-hand. Shooting is his best skill and he’s comfortable hitting off the bounce from distance or out of the spot-up. Takes care of the ball against pressure. Quick side-to-side crossovers. Showed poise.

Cameron Smith (2022) | 6-2 SG | Team Flyght 15U / Centerville

If you thought Centerville was in trouble after graduating 80 percent of last year’s starting lineup, think again. Guys like Smith are coming up the pipeline.

The 2-guard has good positional size, knows how to play, and showed the ability to hit outside shots. An aggressive 3-point shooter who used pump fakes to get past the first line of defense and become a playmaker. Smith is effective on the slash and knows how to use his body to finish in traffic. Good footwork. Showed vision as a drive-and-kick player, delivering passes to the opposite block or to spot-up shooters.

Ryan Chew (2022) | 5-7 G | Team Flyght 15U / Bellbrook

Chew hit five 3-pointers in the second game we caught, and at least three on Friday night, too. Very consistent as a spot-up shooter from the outside. Chew is also a good team defender as he is always in position and occasionally sneaks up on a ball-handler from the blind side to poke out a steal.

Mekhi Elmore (2022) | 6-0 PG | Team Flyght 15U / Thurgood Marshall

Elmore played the role of facilitator for Team Flyght most of the weekend. Didn’t force shots and made the right play consistently on Friday and Saturday. He is, however, an effective slasher with a deep bag of crafty finishing moves inside. Long kid who looks like he has room to grow. The lefty will be much harder to guard as his jump shot improves.

Allen Lattimore (2021) | 6-0 G | Team Flyght 16U / Stivers

Once thought of as more of a shooting guard, Lattimore showed the ability to run the show in Indy. He controlled pace by trying to produce a shot fast but balanced that tempo by not forcing the issue, either. Unselfish passer who plays basketball the right way. His spot-up outside shooting ability is a huge asset in a half-court game. Picturesque shooting mechanics. Very quick athlete who lacks size. 

Derrick James (2022) | 5-7 PG | JH1 Elite 15U / St. Charles

One half of St. Charles’s backcourt of tomorrow, James brings speed, shooting ability, and fearlessness to the court. He excels in transition with his ability to beat opponents up the floor and finish tough layups at full-speed. Handles it well but the ball doesn’t stick too long in James’s hands (something you see all too often in young “point guards”). Disruptively quick on defense and he can pick up full because of his ability to recover.

JJ Simmons (2022) | 5-10 G | JH1 Elite 15U / Beechcroft

Simmons mostly played the role of scorer for JH1 this weekend. He can make shots from all three levels of the floor and especially excelled when the pace quickened. Aggressive 3-point shooter. Flashed the ability to elude defenders when attacking the basket, but Simmons is more physical than finesse. Showed glimpses of being a shut-down defender on the wing.

Dylan Thompson (2022) | 6-1 SG | JH1 Elite 15U / Buckeye Valley

Thompson is one of the best perimeter defenders we saw all weekend. Good athlete who keeps his man in front and knows how where to be as an off-ball defender. Thompson also shoots the mid-range pull-up at an elite level, showing good balance and rhythm on that shot.

Lason Walker (2022) | 6-2 G | JH1 Elite 15U / Linden-McKinley

Walker not only landed on the Prep Hoops Ohio radar this weekend, he ensured that we keep a close eye on him going forward with how well he played. One of the best finishers we checked out in Indy. Very promising athlete who projects well. Walker can play either guard spot as he both scored and showed drive-and-kick playmaking ability. He has some herky-jerk to his off-the-dribble game. Shoots the ball well from the mid-range and may not have settled for a 3-point attempt all weekend.

Robert Dorsey (2022) | 5-10 G | JH1 Elite 15U / Northland

Huge fan of the way Dorsey handles his business on the floor. Creative lefty slasher who has a mean rocker step. Gets past the first line of defense to become a playmaker, often hitting open shooters on the opposite wing. Makes the right decision quickly. Scores it well from the second level. Very high-IQ.

Carter Mims (2021) | 5-5 PG | Team Flyght 16U / Trotwood

Mims took his game to a new level on Championship Sunday, guiding Flyght to a tournament championship. He’s one of the fastest players you’ll see all spring, but he combines that with the ability to stop on a dime. Excels in transition and when a defender is foolish enough to step-out with him at 25-to-30 feet on a halfcourt possession — something the opponent is forced to do late in games when trailing. Great handle and he keeps his dribble alive in traffic to make late assists. Clever and fearless finisher. His speed is an asset at the point of attack on defense, too.