Posted On: 05/10/19 11:59 AM

This weekend will be a basketball fan’s dream.  Match-ups of excellent prospects morning, noon, and night.  Here are some of the top potential match-ups that could occur.

The Battle at the Lakes is a 64 team field played down to a winner at 3:35 on Sunday afternoon at Wayzata High School.  There will of course be upsets and unexpected happenings in this event so the predicted match-ups below aren’t a certainty of course (If we picked you to lose go ahead and be offended) but that won’t stop us from looking ahead with excitement. 

Kobe Busch

Round of 32

Jayden Johnson of Fundamental U Rise vs Dylan DeChampeau of Matrix.   Both players are 6-foot-5 wings, Johnson is a nationally ranked top 250 guy with a recent offer from Southern Illinois where as Dylan is a 20/10 talent from Northern Minnesota. 

Kobe Busch of SD Attack vs Zack Lasek of Martin Brothers.  Let’s make this clear early, these are different type of players.  Busch is a 6-foot-4 shooter on the wing, Lasek is a 6-foot-7 stretch four man who excels in football and basketball.  With Matthew Mors gone for track this weekend, Busch may have to slide down some and join Akoi Akoi versus players like Lasek. 

Blake Remme of Gain Elite vs Dominic Martinelli of All In Athletics. Both Remme and Mitchell are scoring wings with Mitchell being about 6-foot-6 and Remme about 1.5 inches shorter.  Remme will be a true wing where as Mitchell may have to play some four at times.  Good match-up of second leading scorers for their teams. 

Xavier Foster

Sweet 16

Elijah Jones of Team RWA vs Prince Aligbe of Grassroots Sizzle. I love this match-up.  Elijah Jones is one of the more active, hard working players I’ve seen this spring where as Aligbe is one of the hottest names in the nation when it comes to 2022 prospects.  Jones will likely swing between Aligbe and maybe Jalen Suggs but either match-up it will be fun to see Jones go all out effort against a national name. 

Even Brauns of Iowa Barnstormers vs Max Murrell of Team Factory.  Brauns stands 6-foot-9, Murrell stands 6-foot-10.  Brauns is a nationally ranked top 200 guy, Murrell is working his way into a top 250 guy himself.  Murrell recently picked up several D1 offers while Brauns could be close as well.  Great match-up of bigs potentially. 

Wal Chuol of Omaha Elite vs Mason Madsen of Playground Warriors. A pair of 6-foot-3 heavily productive wings, Wal is more of a slasher where as Mason shoots a high percentage.  But Mason can put the ball on the deck while Chuol can hit perimeter jumpers himself.  Excellent wing battle. 

Xavier Foster of Pure Prep vs Cody McCullough of All Iowa Attack. In what will be a much anticipated battle of teams from Iowa, Xavier Foster is a five star post at 6-foot-10/6-foot-11.  McCullough had a great winter and is the main inside threat for AIA although he will be giving up 3-4 inches to Foster. 

Alex Van Kalsbeek of SD Attack vs Ben Carlson of D1 Minnesota.  Van Kalsbeek is a true big banging inside for consistent numbers.  D2 schools have noticed and have extended scholarship options to the 6-foot-7 big.  He’ll have his work cut out for him inside against Carlson who is a top 75 level player nationally at 6-foot-10 with more agility. 

Jalen Suggs

Elite Eight

Tamin Lipsey of All Iowa Attack vs Kendall Brown of D1 Minnesota.  Lipsey has offers from Iowa State and Nebraska, Brown is a nationally ranked 5-star talent with offers from all around the nation.  They are different players but both relied on playmakers with very high potential.  Also, Lipsey is playing up two levels (he’s a 2022) while Brown is playing up one level (a 2021). 

Keshawn Williams of Young & Reckless vs Jalen Suggs of Grassroots Sizzle.  Williams is a nice up and coming guard and a nationally ranked 2020 at the back end of the top 250.  He stands 6-foot-1 and does a lot of the handling and the same can be said for 5-star top five in the nation ranked Jalen Suggs from the Sizzle.  Jalen of course is a top two scorer in the UAA, a three time state champ, and a Team USA member. 

Ty Anderson of Iowa Barnstormers vs Gabe Madsen of Wisconsin Playground Warriors.  Anderson is a 6-foot-7 forward, Madsen a 6-foot-5 guard.  Anderson is committed to Northern Iowa, Madsen has had UNI recruiting him heavily for a long time.  Depending on what PGC has for size Madsen may or may not see Anderson but both are relied on heavily by their teams. 

Dawson Garcia

Final Four

Chet Holmgren of Grassroots Sizzle vs Dawson Garcia of D1 Minnesota.  Five star 2021 vs Five star 2020.  A 7-footer with length forever and agility plus a jumper against a 6-foot-10 combo forward with agility and a jumper.  Both skilled, both rank with the best defenders in Minnesota when it comes to frontcourt players.  Both have a huge list of offers and are flying up the rankings. 

Ramean Hinton of Team Rose vs Johnny Davis of Wisconsin Playground Warriors. A pair of nationally ranked workers who both stand 6-foot-4 on the wing.  Pound for pound you won’t find many players with the fight Davis does but Hinton is a challenge as a top 200 player.  Davis has the offer list Hinton is working for, this is the perfect time to prove it.