Posted On: 05/11/19 1:12 AM

Maple Grove HS — Battle at the Lakes is the flagship tournament of the Prep Hoops circuit, meaning the likelihood of unearthing a gem or two is higher than ever.

Friday’s slate presented a sample size of the tournament’s 15U crop, which is where we find our first high-potential prospect in Caden Hinker.

Caden Hinker – South Dakota Attack:
As a freshman, Hinker has yet to cameo in the recruiting craziness. It’s obvious that he’ll be caught in the middle of it very soon.

The 6’6, class of 2022 center has an all-encompassing skill set defensively. He sent back a handful of layup attempts, gathered double-digit rebounds, and disrupted offense within the paint. His offensive skill set was just as diverse, as he converted on two three-point attempts and some bunnies around the rim. As with any young player, there is much-needed fine-tuning and room for growth, but college hoops will surely be a pit stop for him as his basketball career progresses.

Andrew Walter – South Dakota Attack:
Walter caught my eye in the waning minutes of South Dakota Attack’s matchup with Team Factory. He played with poise down the stretch, penetrating gaps and soft spots in the defense. He excelled in that respect, at 6’3 with a nice handle on the ball he looked comfortable as an attacker. And though Walter wasn’t a high-volume shooter, he connected on a jump shot in that game.

Tom Robertson – Team Iowa:
Robertson managed to steer a wayward offensive team in Team Iowa’s matchup with Minnesota Fury. Despite falling in a deep hole early, Robertson strung together some buckets, going back to his post-up game time and again. Eventually, Team Iowa would start looking for him on a possession-basis, as he kick started a solo run that would give them the comeback victory.

Buom Jock – Minnesota Fury:
Jock could be described as a point-forward, doing a little bit of everything on both ends of the floor. He willingly found the open shooter in their offense. His passing led to Fury making close to ten threes in the first half alone. On the other side of the ball, he was an always-active defender, lunging for loose balls, pestering ball handlers, and giving some valiant attempts to block shots. His athleticism piqued my interest too, notably a dunk in warm-ups and a few chase-down defensive plays.

Tyler Borowski – Wisconsin Crusaders:
Borowski kicked off Friday night’s action with two threes in the opening minutes. He showed his quickness with the ball in his hands, driving past defenders and creating opportunities for his teammates. Borowski had a clean handle on the ball too, using that to facilitate a deep Crusaders offense.