Posted On: 05/6/19 2:38 PM

The Bash in the Desert was covered wall to wall and today several coaches at the 17u level are taking calls from college coaches who want to know more.  Who are they talking about?  Prep Hoops gives you an idea now. 

The 17U Five

Deandre Henry of Powerhouse Hoops Rise.  Another part of the Deandre Henry game I liked was his early work in the possession.  We talked greatly about his back to the basket touch and play out of the high post but all of that starts with early position on the block making contact.  Half of the work is done by Henry with the early seal. 

Alem Huseinovic of Powerhouse Hoops Rise.  When it comes to confidence shooters Alem is one of the best I’ve seen in six weeks of 17u play.  Alem is the type of shooter that opposing coaches talk about and gameplan for before the game starts.  His jumpshot not only falls at high percentages but when it’s going it brings the defense out in mad rushes allowing bigs to feast in space. 

Osaere Ighodaro of Powerhouse Hoops Rise.  There are bigs that have the skills to routinely touch the ball and make plays from 15 feet but can’t be trusted routinely, and there are bigs that an offense can go through consistently with touches from 15 feet and out because they produce.  Ighodaro is one of those trusted bigs with his soft touch and strong one/two dribble moves.  What also separates him is his work off ball for high percentage scores. 

Owen Koonce of the Colorado Titans.  The weekend MVP was the most clutch player in Phoenix.  It wasn’t just one game, Koonce made game winning plays at 8am (quarters), 11:15 (semis), and 1:25 (finals).  The better the opponent, the better Koonce finished games.  Bigs couldn’t consistently guard Koonce away from the cup so Owen destroyed size with his touch in space and forwards without size had no chance because Koonce touch muscled buckets routinely.  And rarely did Koonce take a big shot.  His game scoring numbers came on eight field goal attempts, eleven field goal attempts, etc. 

Dayshawn Wiley of Las Vegas Olympians. Another 2021 playing up Wiley is a two way game changer. His sprint the other way changed momentum and there were times it was his block/deflection/steal that started the fast breaks, and then commonly Wiley was the player going the other way to finish.  In the first round of bracket play Wiley turned a V3 Hoop Dream of a comeback into a nightmare with a late game flurry of scoring production. The Olympians played themselves to the quarters on Wiley’s explosive late game scoring at the cup and arc. 


Five More

Matthew Rivera of Gamepoint.  I love Rivera’s demeanor moving off the ball sharply to space and then dropping in confident scores without an expression change.  

Dayton Harris of The Show. The Dayton Harris wrap-around pass against Powerhouse was incredible.  We received a note that the playmaker had a hand in nearly 60 percent of his teams baskets (field goals and assists) in three of four games. 

Peter Boyle of Colorado Titans.  Solid size up front, good shooter with touch, and an excellent low post defender in position fight and effort. 

Fallou Cisse of California Select.  A 6-foot-7 2021 with a game that is growing as a player by the day.  Cisse looks more fluid with each post move back to the bucket or facing, he passed the ball very well in our viewings, and Fallou has become a more aggressive, alert rebounder.  

TJ Green of Powerhouse Hoops Black.  Played every minute for his team who only had five guys but somehow rarely looked tired.  Quick off his feet to finish/board plus showed some touch on those ten footers.