The PHD 15U All Dakotas Team

Posted On: 05/13/19 2:39 PM

The 17u division in North Dakota and South Dakota has now expanded to 18 teams.  Most of the teams played in either the Battle at the Lakes or in Omaha this weekend.  Here is the latest rankings/records update. 


RankTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious
1South Dakota Attack 12-2Fury Zurn (+7), Heat Vang (+8)1
2Pentagon Schoolers Robey15-3Heat Vang (+14)Fury Zurn (-12)2
3ECI Prospects15-4Inspired Athletics (x2), ND Attack Blue (+31), Pentagon Schoolers Kraning (+12)Fury Zurn (-19)3
4Inspired Athletics9-8ND Attack Blue (+13), ND Attack Black (+19)MN Fury Zurn (-13), ECI Prospects (-27)6
5Midwest Magic5-3BBA Force (+10)MN Fury Zurn (-10), Omaha Elite (-32)4
6BBA Bartlett8-8Midwest Magic (-10), Omaha Elite (-20)5
7ECI Select10-8ND Attack Black (+1), ND Attack Blue (+3)
ND Attack Green (+19)
Pentagon Schoolers Kran (+7)
ND Attack Black (-9)7
8ND Attack Blue8-6ND Attack Green (+15)ECI Select (-3)9
9Pentagon Schoolers Kraning5-14ND Attack Black (+8)ECI 17u Selects (-7), ECI Prospects (-12)10
10ND Attack Black6-6ECI Selects (+9)ECI Select (-1), Pentagon Schoolers Kran (-8), Inspired Athletics (-19)8
11South Dakota Network4-413
12Sacred Hoops Sittig 5-3SH Nesheim 12
13ND Attack Green7-6ECI Select (-19), ND Attack Blue (-15)11
14Sacred Hoops Nesheim2-2SH Buus, SH McVey SH Sittig 14
15Sacred Hoops Bruening2-2
16Sacred Hoops Buus3-4SH Knutson SH Nesheim 16
17Sacred Hoops McVey1-2SH Knutson SH Nesheim 15
18Sacred Hoops Knutson1-2SH SittigSH Buus, SH McVey17