Posted On: 05/27/19 12:51 AM

The final May weekend witnessed several wonderful 17u performances. Chip Smith’s Tennessee Tigers 17u team won the Atlanta MDC (pictured above). Tony Thompson’s Tennessee Edge captured the St. Louis Showdown title.

Scan the changes in the 17u rankings in the first update since the April 29th season’s ranking debut.

Team Thad 17u (#1) demolished teams in the Memphis in May.  The program did not play this weekend, but when they all join together this team is virtually unstoppable in the state’s borders.

BMaze Elite 17u (#2) won their event in Gatlinburg and BigShots named Joe Anderson MVP.

Hoop City Elite (#3) added Johnathan DeJurnett.  Faizon Fields is helping down deep.  The team lacks a superstar, but loaded up on #10 – #20 prospects in the state.  They are more skilled than Bluff City, which is quite a difference from last season.

Bluff City Legends 17u (#4) finished 2-11 in three EYBL sessions.  It was an utter disaster for a once proud program.

EAB Tennessee (#5) performed much better after leaving the gauntlet for a MDC weekend in Atlanta.  EAB dominated Atlanta events in 2018 and then-17u player Keon Johnson is getting more help now.  The team climbed a single spot as Bluff City GOLD struggled against #1 Team Thad during Memphis in May. Honestly, these two teams are interchangeable entering June.

Bluff City Gold (#6) was crushed by Team Thad 65-38 at Memphis in May.  They still have better athletes top to bottom than most teams in the state.

WHBH Gold (#7) is the big climber this week.  Two key player additions make JaCobi Wood’s team better, much better.  Daniel Loos has help on the low blocks and the difference is jarring.

Chip Smith’s Tennessee Tigers (#8) continue to play great basketball.  They could be better than #8, but the shoe deal teams play tougher competition making it a difficult comparison.  

Kevin Feltner’s Tennessee Bobcats (#9) are stocked with talent from several different classes.  The size helps them compete against more swift teams.  Tariq Daughton is a big help scoring.

Sevier County Select (#11) lost several games in May.  They fall one spot from #10 to #11.   Memphis Showtime (#10) edged Hoop City Silver earlier this month, but Hoop City’s top team crushed Showtime, 87-50.  They climb slightly to (#10).

The Memphis Showtime team hopped over Sevier Select and Upward Stars South (#12).  

Gatorade Association favorite Chattanooga Elite keeps #13 ahead of Mid-State Elite (#14) and new entrant Tennessee Edge (#15).

Debuting in the top 15 is the Tennessee Edge.  Coach Tony Thompson has his men playing strong basketball.  Devin Kline and Kamarie Coffey are strong players to watch in 2020.

1Team ThadUnderArmourTook the weekend off. Murrell sparkled at UA Camp.1
2BMazeUnderArmourWon their event last weekend.2
3Hoop City Eliteadidas GoldFinished Final 4 in Chicago event, losing to Indiana Elite.4
4Bluff City LegendsEYBLTwo EYBL wins. All season.3
5EABadidas GoldMowed through Adidas Atlanta MDC.6
6Bluff City GOLD5
7WHBH GoldAdded two 6'7"+ players. It makes an enormous difference.9
8Tennessee TigersTitle Team at MDC in Atlanta.7
9Tennessee Bobcats-Ilic is a special young prospect. 8
10Memphis ShowtimeDefeated Sevier Select recently.12
11Sevier County SelectWesley Maples gets help from Cam Burden and track star Mcelhaney.10
12Upward Stars-Premiere South11
13Chattanooga Elite NavyGatoradeImpressed Gatorade Assocation execs.13
14Mid State EliteWith a core of Clarksville talent.14
15Tennessee Edge-Captured St. Louis Showdown crown.--


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