Posted On: 05/13/19 12:49 PM

Between the Battle at the Lakes and the SPTS event, the vast majority of 17 and Under teams in Minnesota competed last weekend leading to a new set of rankings. 



RankTeamRecordMN Wins of NoteMN Losses of NoteLast Week
1D1 Minnesota17-0Magic Cornell, WOTN Janis, Rise1
2Grassroots Sizzle8-32
3Comets Elite15-3Get Shook (+7), Swing L (+29), OSA Adidas (+7), SW Stars, WOTN, Select Cave, Heat Vang, Heat Speer, Schoolers (-3)3
4Howard Pulley16-7All Iowa Attack Red (x3), Omaha Elite (+5), Get Shook (+13), Pulley 16s, KC Run (+5)5
5Fury Zurn23-3Comets DLR (x2), N Lakers, Omaha Elite (+5), Select Cave, Heat Vang, WOTN, Comets DLR, Schoolers (+12)SD Attack (-7), Swing L (-4), Northern Lakers4
6Comets DLR17-5Magic Elite, Select Cave, Heat Pres, SW Stars, Rise, Northern LakersFury Zurn (x2), GR Storm (-2), Heat Vang,6
7Gain Elite11-5Phenom/Prodigy Elite (+31),GR Storm (-25), Grassroots Caldwell7
8Select Cave20-8Matrix (+5), Northern Lakers, Mentality, WOTN D (x2), Heat Pres, SW StarsComets DLR, Fury Zurn, Comets Lewis8
9Northern Lakers15-7Matrix (x2), Rise, Rip City, Fury ZurnSelect Cave, Fury Zurn, Heat Pres, Comets DLR16
10Heat Vang10-8Crossfire Slagter, WOTN, Comets DLRGet Shook (-2), Fury Zurn, Comets Lewis10
11MN Matrix20-6Get Shook (+17), Heat West (x2), Fury KallmanNorthern Lakers (x2), Select Cave9
12Heat West15-6Playmakers North Schn, Rip City O (x2), Lightning Schw, Mentality (+10)Matrix (x2)11
13Mentality Minnesota10-6Rise, Comets JL (+18), Gamble FABSelect Cave (-5), Heat West (-10)12
14Minnesota Rise14-5Magic EliteNorthern Lakers, Mentality, D1 Minnesota, FabSteelers, Comets DLR13
15Fury Kallman12-8SW Stars, WOTN, Phenom, Lace Up, Lightning HMatrix, Heat Speer14
16WOTN Davis8-15Heat Pres (x2), Comets JL (+7), Playmakers SchSelect Cave (x2), Fury K (-3), Comets Lewis, Heat Vang, Fury Z15
17Jerry Gamble FAB7-4Math Fab Steelers, WOTN JanisD1 MN, Mentality17
18Select Koch16-10Crossfire Slagter, Select Brown (x2), WOTN J, Comets B, Heat AN Lakers, Matrix, Heat Speer, Playmakers North Schn18
19Grassroots Sizzle Caldwell 5-5Gain Elite19
20Team Get Shook5-9Lightning Schw, Heat Vang, WI Playmakers Schn (+15)Comets Elite, Matrix, Pulley 17s, Pulley 16s20
21MN Lightning Schwartzhoff9-7Heat Speer, Crossfire SlagterGet Shook, Heat West21
22MN Magic Elite9-7Lightning H, Crossfire Slagter, Magic CRise, Comets DLR, Lightning H, Fury Z25
23Crossfire Slagter13-10SW Stars. Lightning H, FabSteelers, LaceUpPhenom/Prodigy Elite, Heat Vang, Select Koch, Lightning Sch, Comets DLR23
24Heat Speer12-12Select Koch, Fury K, FabSteelersSelect Cave, N Lakers, Matrix, Comets Elite, Lightning Sch, Rip City O (x2), Lace UpNR
25MN Lightning Hinrichs7-7Heat M, Rip City Sm, Magic EliteMagic Elite, Crossfire Slag, Comets DLR, Fury KNR
Others:Phenom/Prodigy Elite6-10Crossfire Slagter, WC WildcatsHoward Pulley (-6), Gain Elite (-31), Fury K, Pulley 16s
Math Fab Steelers6-13WC Wildcats, Select Brown, Rise, WOTN JonasMpls FAB, Magic, WOTN, Heat Speer, Crossfire Slagter
Playmakers North Schneiderman4-14SW MN Stars, Select Koch, Heat PresHeat West, Team Get Shook, Select Cave, Comets DLR, WOTN
SW MN Stars4-14Crossfire J (x2), Heat PresFury Kallman, Rip City O, Crossfire Slagter, Playmakers North Schn, Comets Lewis, Select Cave, Comets DLR
Rip City Olafeso8-8Heat Speer (x2), SW MN Stars,Heat West (x2), Northern Lakers, Lace Up
Lace Up10-9Lightning Sp, Rip City OWOTN Janus, Crossfire J, Crossfire Sl
Select Brown8-8WC Wildcats, WOTN Jonas (x2), Heat Ankrah, Comets BMath Fab Steelers, Select Koch
WOTN Janos8-11Lace Up, Crossfire J, Comets B, Heat A, Magic CD1 MN, Mpls FAB, Select Brown (x2), Select Koch, Fury Z, Matrix, FabSteelers
Crossfire Jorgenson4-16G Elite, Heat Speer, Lace UpWOTN Janos, SW Stars (x2), Comets DLR
MN Lightning Spencer6-5G Elite, Magic C, Lace UpMagic C, Lace Up (x2), Matrix
Heat Presbi4-14Northern LakersWOTN Davis, Comets Lewis, Comets DLR, Fury Zurn, SW Stars
Magic Cornell8-7Lightning S, Gilleyen Elite, Heat D, Math FabSteelersMW Unsigned, D1 MN, Lightning Spencer,Magic Elite, WOTN Jonas
Heat Dimond6-9Comets B, Lake CountryMagic C, Grassroots Jett 16s
Lake Country8-7CRCTB, Math Fab SteelersMatrix, Heat D
Comets JL7-8WC WildcatsWOTN D, Mentality, Phenom, Fury K
CRCTB2-9WC Wildcats WSelect Brown, Matrix, Lake County
West Central Wildcats4-7SunsMath Fab Steelers, Select Brown, Comets JL, Phenom, Fury K
MN Suns4-4WC Wildcats, WC Wildcats W
Comets Bagnal4-12Gilleyen Elite, Heat A, Select Brown, WC WaskaWOTN J, Heat D, Select Koch, WOTN Jonas, Select Koch
West Central Waska4-10Suns, CRCTB, Comets B