Posted On: 05/14/19 12:14 PM

The second weekend of May the mothers of nearly all North and South Dakota 16u teams traveled with their sons to watch another weekend of hoops for Mother’s Day.  Today we took the results, added them to the totals, and here is our new top 20!

RankTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious
1Pentagon Schoolers Begeman16-2ECI Prospects (x2), Fury P (+5), WOTN (+1)1
2SD Attack8-5Fury P (+9)2
3BBA Force Hennen9-7WOTN (-1)3
4Pentagon Schoolers Vincent9-7ND Attack Green, Phenom (+15), Inspired Athletics (+15), ECI Selects Hanson (+3), ECI Prospects (+5), ECI Purinton (+1)5
5ECI Prospects8-9Phenom (+12)Fury P (-19), Pentagon Schoolers Begeman (x2), Schools Vincent (-5)4
6SD Venom6-5BBA Force I (+19), Inspired Athletics (+7)6
7ND Attack Green8-5ECI 16u Purintun (x2),Pentagon Schoolers Vincent7
8SD Network5-8Phenom (+2)Fury P (-16)8
9ND Phenom5-8Pentagon Schoolers Vincent (-15), ECI Prospects (-12),SD Network (-2)9
10ECI Purintun5-9ECI Hansen (+6)ND Attack Green (-11)11
11BBA Force Irvine7-7SD Venom (-19)10
12Inspired Athletics7-10ECI HansenSD Venom (-7), Pentagon Schoolers Vincent (-15), Phenom (-8)12
13Sacred Hoops Bertram6-2SH Long (+26)14
14ECI Hansen7-9ND Attack Blue (+12)Inspired Athletics, ECI Purintun (-6), Pentagon Schoolers Vincent (-3)13
15Sacred Hoops Herther5-3SH Redman (+21), SH Otkin (+24)15
16Sacred Hoops Redman2-1SH Herther (-21)16
17Sacred Hoops Long4-3SH Bertram (-26)18
18ND Attack Blue2-10ECI Hansen (-12), 19
19Dakota Niners1-217
20Sacred Hoops Larson0-320
Others:Sacred Hoops Otkin0-4SH Herther (-26)NR