Posted On: 05/15/19 6:05 PM

Here is our latest 16u rankings for Minnesota, a wild group that’s tough to separate.  Let the debate begin!


RankTeamRecordMN Wins of NoteMN Losses of NoteLast Week
1Howard Pulley16-6Phenom U (+4), Crossfire Stone, KC Run GMC (x2), OSA Nation (+6), Get Shook 17s, Phenom 17sHoward Pulley 17s, 1
2Grassroots Sizzle Weston20-1Sizzle Jett, Playmakers NorthPhenom U (-3)3
3Heat Tauer22-2Fury Syv, Select Robinson, WOTN B (x2), Magic Elite (+15), Select Robinson, Crossfire Stone, Fury Poppen, Comets Elite, OSA Nation (+20)2
4WOTN Bertsch18-5D1mnP, Magic Elite, Crossfire Stone, Fury Poopen, SW Stars, Comets Servaty, Select RobinsonHeat Tauer (x2)4
5D1 Minnesota7-8E1T1 (MN)IA Barnstormers (-7)5
6Comets Elite 13-4Acceleration, Heat Wiley, Select Robinson, Crossfire Stone, OSA Nation (+7), SW Stars, Fury Pop (+2)Heat Tauer, WOTN B6
7Grassroots Jett19-4Heat, Ice, Heat D 17sMatrix 17s, Grassroots Sizzle (-21)10
8WC United Select13-4Heat Wiley, Crossfire Stone, Heat Fluery (+15), Fury Syv, Lightning Swig, Suns, Family First8
9Magic Elite16-4Select Robinson, Rise Heat Fluery (+11), Heat Wiley (+12)WOTN B, Heat Tauer (-15)11
10Fury Poppen18-9Select Edwards, Crossfire Stone (x2), Select Robinson, Lace Up, Crossfire HWOTN B, Heat Tauer, Comets Servaty, Crossfire Stone9
11Crossfire Stone17-11Crossfire Hedberg (+9), Lightning Stad, SW Stars (x2), Rush, Fury PoppenHoward Pulley (-5), Fury P (x2), WC United Select, WOTN B, Heat Tauer, Comets Servaty12
12MN Lightning Studer14-7Select Edwards, Heat Fluery, WC United R, Rip City, Heat F, Fury S, Mpls HawksCrossfire Stone, Playmakers D13
13Gain Elite15-9Heat WileyIA Barnstormers (-9), MN Phenom, 7
14Heat Wiley14-8Playmakers D, SW Stars, Lace Up, Fury SyversonComets Elite, WC United Select, Mpls Hawks, Gain Elite, Magic Hannah15
15Fury Syverson15-6Rise (x2), Comets K, Suns, Accleration, Lace UpHeat Tauer, Lightning Studer, WC United, Heat Wiley14
16Playmakers North9-9Lightning St, Acceleration , Select Robinson, SW StarsHeat Wiley, Crossfire Stone, WOTN B, Fury Pop16
17Select Robinson12-15Mpls Hawks, Rush, Comets K, Lightning SwingAcceleration, Magic Elite, Heat Tauer, Playmakers D, Comets S, WOTN17
18D1 Minnesota Prospects14-6Rise (x2), Rip City, Acceleration, Comets KWOTN B, Hustle Hard-FF,18
19MN Lightning Swiggum14-5Rise, Suns K, Family FirstSelect Robinson, WC Select19
20Heat Fluery12-9Rush, Crossfire Hedberg, Comets K, Rip City OLightning Studer (x2), Family First, Lace Up, WC United, Magic21
21Phenom/Prodigy Elite 7-9Gain Elite, SunsMpls HawksNR
22MN Rise9-10Lace Up, Fury Syverson, Comets KFury Syv, D1mnP (x2), Lightning Swig, Hustle Hard-FF (x2), Magic Hannah22
23Hustle Hard-Family First7-7D1mnP, Rise (x2), Heat B, WOTN Grey, Heat FlueryPhenom, Heat Wiley, Lightning Swig, Suns20
24Comets K12-9Rip City, Suns, Heat JohnsonSelect Robinson, Fury Syv, Heat F, D1mnP, Rise25
25SW MN Stars5-12Heat JohnsonHeat Wiley, Crossfire Stone (x2), Playmakers North, Heat Tauer, WOTN, Comets Elite23
Others:Minneapolis Hawks8-2Select Edwards, Rush, Heat J, WOTN Grey, Phenom, Heat Wiley, Select Robinson, Lightning Studer
Select Edwards11-7Rush, Acceleration, Comets T, E1T1Mpls Hawks, Heat Johnson, Fury P, Lightning Stad
MN Suns9-14Lightning T, Comets Regional, Family FirstWC Wildcats, Lightning Swig, Comets K, Fury Syverson
Lace Up8-12Heat F, Crossfire HedbergCrossfire Hedberg, Heat Wiley, RIse, Fury P, Fury Syv
MN Rush10-11WC Wildcats, Crossfire Hedberg (x2)Heat Fluery, Select Edwards, Hawks, Select Robinson, D1mnP, Crossfire Stone
Crossfire Hedberg12-10Crossfire Stone, Heat Fluery, Rush (x2), Fury Poppen, Lace Up
WC Wildcats8-7Suns, WOTN Guy, Accleration, Select A, Comets RegionalMN Rush, LN Hoops, Heat Wiley
Acceleration12-12Select Allen, Select RobinsonSelect Edwards, Comets Elite, Heat Johnson, WC Wildcats, Heat B, Fury S
E1T112-9Comets ThuokD1 Minnesota, Select Edwards
Comets Thuok8-10Rip City, E1T1
Heat Johnson4-10Select Edwards, Acceleration, Heat BSW MN Stars, Hawks, WOTN Grey, Comets K
Late Night Hoops13-10WC Wildcats, Select AllenRush, Select Edwards, Select Allen, Heat W, Fury Pop, Comets K
Rip City3-10Comets Thuok, PharoasD1mnP, WOTN Grey, Lightning Studer, Comets K, Heat F
Select Allen4-11Acceleration (x2), Late Night Hoops, Heat Wiley